Sunday Sales Summary Smiles – Week of September 18, 2017

Travel gift images are incredibly popular and my very first referral fee earnings on a product is from one of my Zazzle shops. I should take a day or so to figure out how this happened 🙂 so it can occur often lol.

Thanking my Zazzle customers from: Arizona, Texas and Georgia


I have thousands of images and it’s incredibly heartbreaking to see the before and after photos from some of my trips including the recent devastation of Sint Maarten after Hurricane Irma.

And my CafePress shop! Thanking my customer from Minnesota 🙂

Red, Green and White Christmas like inspired pattern designs

My parents, more especially my Mom, loved celebrating Christmas. Mom enjoyed cooking, the decorating and loading up Santa sacks full of gifts for my children and my grandchildren. I, on the other hand am more low-key and a little quirky as reflected in these amazingly colorful red, white and green patterned gift bags, postcards and home decor! Click both images to visit and view these designs.

Christmas colors inspired red and green pattern prints
Gift Packaging

Wearable Wednesday – New patterns to match Blue and Black Boots and home decor

My fun skill set is creating patterns to complement and/or match items in your home and closet. In this instance, these blue and black boots caught my eye, however this shade of blue was a bit tricky. Thankfully I love the color black so I played around on my iPad with different apps and came up with over ten mesmerizing graphic art prints, 8 of which are shown in the collage here.

A few of these are now posted in my Artsadd shop and one from my Society6 store.      I’ve ordered quite a few fashion wear and home decor items for personal use. They are based in China so there will be a foreign transaction fee, that said, they do excellent work, are wonderfully packed and are shipped within three weeks with shipping details.  I’ve shared a few selections below. What are your favorite items or colors to design around?

Mesmerizing black and baby blue art patterns.

Wearable Wednesday – Black and Bronze Zip Up Hoodie

Khoncepts Black and Bronze Zip Up Hooded Sweatshirt


Men s clothing

Men s clothing


This mesmerizing graphic art zip up hoodie, is a comfortable blend of Polyester and Spandex. Fashion wear mixing black with colors is my favorite type of fabric patterns. Incorporating the color black makes it very easy to match up a variety of items such as  shoes, bags and other fashion accessories, especially helpful in packing for a trip.

I love my pullover hoodies and am excited to now include zip up hoodies. I’ve ordered this one and am looking forward to getting it in the mail within about three weeks!

Contact me with your favorite colors and let’s design something for you.

Saturday Scenic Summer Images of Iceland

I had my first taste of visiting Iceland by celebrating my birthday in January 2016 where is was a magnificent landscape of white and ice.

Stunning Icelandic summer scenery

Since then I had my eyes on summer vacation package sales to celebrate my youngest child’s 21st August birthday. I chose an escorted travel vacation so my son could explore with members of the group, as I’m still not doing as well as I had hoped after my September 2016 surgery. That said, we HAD A FANTASTIC TIME! The weather co-operated with all six days of either sun or clouds but no rain and the group of 22 all got along well.

It was magical being able to check off all of my wish list items including:

  • beautiful black sand beaches
  • miles of lava fields
  • colorful puffins
  • multi-color glaciers
  • green fields and river ways
  • wonderful waterfalls
  • and even the Northern Lights

For me, an escorted tour is the way to go, leaving all the planning and traveling to the tour guide and the bus driver.  Now to go through over 800 images and several videos,  sorting by date, location and subject. Fun, fun fun. 🙂


Fashion Friday – Personalized Hooded Sweatshirts

Sweatshirt personalized with your name
Personalized sweatshirt

Shopping in stores is not my favorite way to spend a few hours. Browsing for hours online, praying I find something I like, with my colors and in my size is my second least favorite activity. What I do LOVE, is deciding what I want to wear from items in my shops and designing them to match my accessories such as boots, shoes or pants.

I also feel it’s important to periodically purchase items from my shops, checking for quality, color and shipping issues if any. I can absolutely recommend these hooded pullover sweatshirts. I have two from my Artsadd shop (one featured by me above) and this time, I ordered two of the zip up hoodies styles.

They have a bit of stretch being made of Polyester and some Spandex and are quite comfy. Oh, and the pullover sweatshirt has a front pocket.

Send me your favorite colors, the text or name you’d like to feature and let’s create something special for you. Shipping is free and takes about three weeks.

Stunningly colorful, large wall calendar

Last year’s colorful, large wall calendar Christmas gifts were a huge family hit. Recently, I came across a fun iPad app allowing me to include video clips and my graphic art designs.

This cheerful collage features, bright, rainbow primary colored art featured for each month, along with a video clip of all 12 months. Press play to view and enjoy. 🙂

Colorful calendars by Celeste Sheffey.

Wearable Wednesday – Khoncepts Yoga Fashion and Accessories – Polyvore Contest

Khoncepts Yoga Fashion Wear Contest

I sometimes participate in Polyvore contests as they are a fun way to showcase matching fashion and home decor items.  I chose to use the Skull Boys pattern as it seems to be a favorite in the United Kingdom. 🙂  I included the matching umbrella, in case it rains on the way to the studio.

Contest Theme –  Namaste: What to Wear to Yoga – Whether you enjoy relaxing in shavasana or can hold a mean chaturanga, there’s one thing you need in yoga: a comfortable outfit. What are you wearing to class?

Sunday Sales Summary Smiles – Black, White and Red Fisheye – week of September 3, 2017


So excited that a new customer in Texas and I have the same fun taste in art. Thanks so much for your purchase. Enjoy your new LED candle!

  • Wrapper made from long lasting high-quality vinyl fabric.
  • Easy to apply & reusable.
  • Timer option: 24 hour cycle. Candle will stay on for 5 hours, then will automatically turn off for 19 hours before turning on again.
  • Takes 2 AA batteries. Batteries not included.