All occasion monogrammed Letter R Home Decor and fashion wear

I have quite a large extended family whose members last name begins with the letter R.

A few years ago, I had a bit of fun experimenting with a variety of fonts and sizes using the letter R. Rather than choosing just one font, I decided to merge them all to create this patterned home décor bathroom shower curtain. Double duty as bedroom curtains or even a fancy party backdrop. The perfect all occasion, not just Christmas or birthday gift. Contact me and provide the initial you wish to use for your design.

Monogrammed Letter R Home Decor
Monogrammed Letter R Home Decor and fashion accessory


Travel Tuesday: Black, white and yellow travel accessories

Start with eye pleasing black, yellow and white polka dots travel accessories like this fab carry-on luggage bag.

Dress casually or with flair wearing complementary upscale black and yellow dress and shoes. Which style is more you when traveling?🙂

Black and yellow travel accessories
Matching leggings, umbrella and carry-on luggage case



Fashion Friday: Elegantly fun, pastel stripes women’s fashion wear and accessories

Walk into that special occasion wearing the elegantly pretty, pastel stripes women’s fashion wear with matching complementary accessories. All eyes will be on you.🙂 Excellent outfit for cruising, baby showers and tropical settings.

Khoncepts Pretty Pastel Striped Fashions
Pretty pastel, rainbow striped women’s fashion wear


Rainbow shoes



Midi dress

Orange, red and brown bath room accessories concepts

My Mom was born in October and always seemed to decorate at least one room in our home with autumn colors of orange and brown – her favorite colors. I like using Polyvore to showcase how nice one of my home decor items will look in your house.

What are yours? Share them below using the poll!

Orange, red and brown bath accessories



Shower curtain

WALL red clock

Sunday Sales Summary: Pretty hot pink, neon orange and purple striped home decor bathroom accessories

Over two months ago, I had a partial thyroid lobectomy of the right side. I’ve been on a slow uphill battle to regain my creativity, actually, just sitting up for an hour is a huge victory which I’m claiming.🙂

My Endocrinologist informed me of her vision, along with her team of colleagues of how to proceed with my issue which I’m processing. In the meantime, Polyvore has been a healing tool. I’m having fun using a different format to display my fashions, accessories and home decor designs. Placing items in a collage hopefully helps to provide possible scenarios for either a dorm room or space in your home. The toothbrush/soap dispenser set recently sold – thank you!

What are your favorite color combos?

Khoncepts Hearts orange, purple and pink stripes
Pretty hot pink neon orange and purple striped home decor bathroom accessories



Sunday Sales Summary Smile – Shower curtain

Each week I enjoy choosing a customer’s purchase and this week it’s the client in Pennsylvania for selecting the stunning Peacock Colors 4755 Shower curtain.

Her bathroom will be amazing!

Thank you!

Khoncepts Sunday Sales Summary - 11-27-16
Sunday Sales Summary Smile – Shower curtain


Purple Smiley face

Pretty purple and pink personalized all occasion gifts for Brittany

Pretty pink font with a heart, all occasion, year round gift ideas for Brittany. Consider creating personalized gifts for that special someone in your life.  I did a shower curtain for my Dad’s bathroom in his room located in an assisted living facility as he things tended to become “lost” :-)

Lots of gift ideas for Brittany
Pretty, personalized all year round gift ideas for Brittany


Backpack bag

Home decor

Purple dress

Sharing a Congrats! an email memory regarding my specially selected wall tapestry

Smiling, surgery, stitches, taking lots of prescribed pain medicines that I log in my daily journal, napping due to the meds, updating existing artwork, trying to write coherently about said art or just simply sitting up long enough to try and swallow soft basic foods🙂.

This has been my life for several months so any bit of happiness like the note from Society6 is like gold and is also the reason why I’m just getting around to posting! I jazzed it up a bit by using a Polyvore collage template.

Contrary to what I believed, life after major throat surgery is not the staycation I had envisioned and hoped for it also, the longer recovery period, as it turns out not what my surgeon expected either. lol


Jul 23 at 9:43 AM

Hello Celeste,

Congrats! We’re excited to let you know that your Print                                                    We Can Choose how we treat one another” has been selected to be included in the Society6 Shop.

We Can Choose How We Treat One Another
We did not choose our looks but we can choose how we treat one another

We Can Choose How We Treat One Another by khoncepts

Today’s Tuesday: Features Très Chic fashion and home accessories of black, white and pink pattern stripes

Today’s Tuesday: Features Très Chic fashion and home accessories of black, white and pink pattern stripes. Elegantly striped window and shower curtains, bath mat, serving tray including a bathrobe!

Take the poll below and send us your favorite color combinations!

Tres Chic black, white and pink stripes
Black, white and pink striped home decor bath accessories