Travel Tuesday – Comic Wall Art of a Plaza in Madrid, Spain

This week’s Travel Tuesday features one snapshot from my trip to Spain. I was so excited to see this plaza is the same location where Forest Whitaker filmed “Vantage Point”. My son had no idea what movie I was referring to haha but I was thrilled to be there and looked forward to jazzing the image up a bit with a few different filter apps once we returned back to our hotel later that evening.

I selected a comic art filter as it obscures the people with the colorful tops creating an eye catching photographic wall home decor.

Please also visit my other store collection on Society6/CelesteSheffey for pillows, shower curtains and more images of Spain.

Sunday Sales Summary Smiles for January 2019 – Zazzle shops

January 1, 2019 my first sale of the month was a postcard of Horseshoe Bay Beach, Bermuda! Normally it would be one of my images of Sint Maarten which came in second this time. Warm thoughts during a bitterly cold Northeast winter. Thanking customers from Canada, Germany, Sweden and the USA for enjoying my non-niche artsy designs. đŸ™‚

Items with links

Horseshoe Bay Beach Postcard– (Pennsylvania)
Pink, Red and Orange Gradient Throw Pillow – (Texas)
Sint Maarten – St. Martin Beach Scene Magnet– (California)
Red, Yellow, Black and Green Swirls 3588 Tie– (South Carolina)
Boston, MA Photo Collage Postcard– (Texas)
Mardi Gras Stripes Throw Pillow – Louisiana
Mardi Gras Kaleidoscope 3589 Throw Pillow – Louisiana
Glazed Camel Art 8083 Postcard – Montana
Sint Maarten – St. Martin Photo Collage Postcard – New Mexico
Marigold Mandala Postcard – United Kingdom
Saint Maarten Photo Collage Postcard – Germany and Canada
Mardi Gras Stripes Colors bath towel set – Alabama
Sint Maarten-St. Martin 12 month calendar – New Jersey
Bermuda Playing Cards – New Jersey
Black, White and Red Stripes wrapping paper – Indiana
Mardi Gras Paint 0584 full color tank top – Pennsylvania
Laie Beach, Hawaii Postcard – Texas
Labadee, Haiti Square Magnet – Germany and Sweden
Mardi Gras Stripes Colors hand towel – Louisiana
Mardi Gras Paint 0584 Crossbody Bag – Louisiana

Fashion Friday – Living Coral Swirls 3562 Graphic Art

A broken necklace creates beautiful abstract art
Creating art from a broken necklace and a photograph.

It’s a wonderful feeling each year when Pantone announces their color of the year selections and I know I already have a few designs using that particular color. 2019 was announced as “Living Coral” and yippee I had a few coral patterns and happily added more like this pretty marble swirls abstract.

Thank You Thursday – Sint Maarten – St. Martin themed gift products

My first visit to Sint Maarten-St. Martin was in 2009. It was a wonderful, five day solo visit full of boating, touring, eating and simply enjoying some Mommy alone time. All of my additional visits have added memorable blessings to my life experiences.

The bottom right St. Martin postcard was my first and collage (2009). I decided to update it a bit in 2018 and it too has also become very popular. Thank you to everyone who has visited my online shops this month and gifted people with these colorful Sint Maarten -St. Martin products which were the top images for January.

Travel Tuesday – 2016 Winter Trip to Iceland

I had always wanted to visit Iceland, especially with a direct flight from Boston. I decided to make that happen for my brother’s 50th January 26th birthday and as a belated January 19th birthday gift to myself. Boston folks were incredulous that we’d want to travel to Iceland rather than a warm tropical island. Thankfully, we’re a bit unconventional so I took advantage of a very inexpensive, 5 day Iceland Air package including: airfare, hotel, breakfast and travel voucher package deal and we jetted off to Reykjavik, Iceland.

10 minutes after landing, I had my brother take a photo of me in front of the Welcome to Iceland sign, we then headed to the included transport to our downtown Reykjavik hotel, located about 35 minutes from Keflavik, airport.

Day three, I decided to buy Golden Circle Tour tickets so we could visit the snowy South Iceland countryside, see the famous geysers, Gullfoss falls and all the tour had to offer. The eight hour tour was a fantastic decision. Our guide was knowledgeable, a good driver and she was very friendly.

Let me say that it was such an exciting trips, my youngest son and I went on a 6 day Great Value Vacation tour for his 21st, August 2017 birthday.

Due to medical challenges, traveling direct with no layovers with almost everything included is a major win win for me.

How to easily customize most of my Zazzle gift products in 3 steps

Designing easily customizable gifts has been my goal for those who visit my online Zazzle shops. The majority of patterns will also include a color matching text box that they can keep and add they own text like the JRJ initials shown below or they can remove the text box and the monogram leaving just the design.

I’ve illustrated how to modify this notecard using three images below.

  • Image 1)
    Here is my Mandala note card design. I choose an orange background, however you can easily change it to another color.

  • Image 2)
    Notice it says Personalize this template. Click Details to see the options you have to change the design.

    • Image 3

    After clicking, it now shows that the text JRJ can be changed or even deleted ( to leave it blank)
    You can also keep the orange circle text box or delete it as well

  • Image 4  

Because the design is a mandala (circle), I wanted to give the option of having a background color to match the design. You can easily change this by selecting another hue or remove the color to leave it as a white background by choosing the no color first box option.

I hope this has been helpful. If you change your mind or need to redo it, refresh your browser to start over.

Today marks 9 years since my first sale on Zazzle!

January 23, 2010 is the date of my first ever sale on Zazzle featuring a beautiful photographic collage postcard of a solo trip I had taken to Sint Maarten – St. Martin.

It’s exciting to see it still remains a very popular collage as another Sint Maarten image sold as recently as January 13, 2019.

A big Thank You! to everyone who has visited my shops. You are amazing.

Historic Celebration of President Barack Obama’s 2009 Inauguration celebration AND my birthday weekend

My brother flew to Maryland from California and I took Amtrak in from Massachusetts, to spend the weekend at our parents’ home so we could celebration my 54th birthday (1/19) AND the Historic Celebration of President Barack Obama’s January 20, 2009 Inauguration. This was a very special birthday because it’s the only time since 1973 that I celebrated my birthday with my parents and my brother.  Due to logistics, weather and the size of my family, we’ve always gotten together for either Mom’s or Dad’s birthdays. During my birthday dinner, Mom and Dad gifted me with a Commemorative SmarTrip  transit pass with $ added to it. Ten years later (2019) and I still have the card with all the money loaded to it.

My brother used to live in DC so he planned for us to park and ride into DC. It was bitterly cold, like single digits cold but we were properly dressed , especially with our footwear because nothing is worse than having frozen feet. We had no idea it would take hours to get through the massive crowd to the building where we had been invited to watch the parade. After many phone calls to the head office and much maneuvering, we managed to get to the rear of of 701 Pennsylvania Avenue where we were searched by Homeland Security and confirmed that we were invited guests and allowed upstairs.

Whew!!! heat, hot tea, good food and a great spot to take photos of the parade route using my telephoto lens. The top left image was taken at the actual distance from the conference room to the parade route. The second image was a thrilling moment when President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama, stopped and stepped out of their limos right in front of our building and walked part of the parade!!!

Overall, it was a most fabulous birthday weekend, spending time with my family and seeing the first Black President of the United States and his wife during his 2009 inauguration parade.

Thank You Thursday – Mardi Gras Themed Gift Purchases

I had my enlarged and slowly growing right thyroid removed, September 9, 2016. While the cancerous removal was considered “successful”, my life was forever changed with debilitating after effects and internal adhesion scar tissue neck pain. Slowly, ‘fast forward’ to 2019 and I’ve finally gotten a bit of a rhythm with my life, my medical disability and thankfully my art.

Rather than churning out lots of new designs, reworking existing patterns along with colorful presentations have become a new art form in itself and I get to share a fancier way of saying Thank You for visiting my shop and choosing to the make these Purchases!

PS. Mardi Gras is March 5, 2019.

Fashion Friday featuring Leggings and matching Tote Bags

Designer leggings with matching tote bags! Patterned leggings, graphic art leggings, bold printed leggings. Many vibrant selections to choose from. Wear a solid color top and shoes and you’re off looking like the fabulous fashionista you are or gift them to someone who will also love them. đŸ™‚

Leggings - Art Khoncepts

Tote Bags - Crossbody Bags


Coordinating customers’ favorite colors is also an option, especially if you prefer a solid color. Contact me below of what you’d like to match and let’s see if we can make that happen for you.