Fashion Friday: Love affair with black, white and red striped fashion accessories and home decor

It’s very exciting to be able to create and personalize a variety of fashion accessories and home decor items. Striped patterns are a favorite of mine. Nice clean lines incorporation any color combinations that make bring joy to your world. Each item listed below is linked to one of my shops. My current favorite items are the ballet shoes and umbrellas.

What are your favorite color combos? Let us know below.🙂

Khoncepts loves black, white and red stripes!
Elegantly bold black, white and red striped home decor and fashion accessories

Black sandals


Travel bag

Red jewelry

Red umbrella

Neoprene lunch bag

Wedding Wednesday: Black, white and red monogrammed wedding unity candle

Personalize your beautiful, black, white and red wedding day with an eye-catching monogrammed unity candle. Easily personalize this striped candle with matching side candles with your initial using a variety of fonts.

Black and white stripes with red circle unity wedding candle
Beautifully designed black, white and red wedding unity candle.

Black and white stripes with red circle unity wedding candle by khoncepts 

Contact me if you are interested in this design using different colors.

Designed my first pair of ballet pumps!

Six weeks after surgery and still in recovery mode has not been exactly a fun, creative experience. In between pain meds and naps, I’ve recently managed to carve out 30 minutes to an hour to sit up at the computer.

Yesterday, I designed my first pair of ballet pumps using my signature red, black and white colors! These would be amazing for family events and weddings, especially as they can be worn anytime after the special event.

I absolutely love the way they turned out and plan to order a pair for myself for quality control purposes regarding sizing and materials.🙂

Take the poll to choose your favorite colors.

Sunday Sales Summary Smile: October 15, 2016

The majority of my customers purchase my travel photos, however, it gives me such joy when someone connects with my home decor designs to share with readers on my blog.

I used real flower petals and and watercolor paints, merging them into this cheerful shower curtain print sold in Washington State.
Thank you!!

Orange and yellow floral shower curtain - sold! Thank you.
Sunday Sales Summary Smile: October 15, 2016


Happy Beach Retirement Wishes!!

Happy Beach Retirement wishes!! I’ve been planning to retire when I turned 66 1/2years old which is not that far away, however after 6 weeks and counting recovering from major surgery, I may have to push the timeline way up.🙂

Take the poll below and share your favorite retirement location!

Happy Beach Retirement Wishes!





Small item storage

Fashion Friday: Hot pink, orange and yellow cloudy day rain gear and accessories

Khoncepts hot pink, neon orange and sunshine yellow combined in a cheery swirl of color on a cloudy, rainy or snowy day. It’s almost as if fine art is hanging on you rather than nailed to a wall.

What colors would make your rainy day more cheerful?

Khoncepts cloudy day watercolor fashion wear


Pink dress

Pink legging

Yellow shoes

White purse

Pink purse

Yellow umbrella

Star sticker

Rain coat

Get cozy four day 15% off with FREE SHIPPING offer!

Enjoy four days of free shipping AND 15% off by visiting my store!

Khoncepts get cozy offer
For the next four days, enjoy a spectacular 15% off savings and FREE SHIPPING!

Khoncepts get cozy offer

Pink bedding

Orange bedding

Black mug

Striped throw pillow

Pullover hoody

Yellow legging

Sunday Sales Summary: For week of October 2, 2016

I just returned from yet another visit to the emergency room, thankfully with an answer to one of my medical issues. I also wanted to be sure to gather my thoughts and energy to send my weekly post, thanking my customers in NY, MI, GA, MO and NC for their purchases! Travel images were the apparent favorites.🙂

Sunday Sales Summary: October 9th
Thanking my customers for last week’s purchases!


Elegantly casual black, white and red rainy day accessories

Dress it up for an fun yet sophisticated look. Dress casually using the same patterned black, white and red striped accessories. Whichever the mood, adding a pop of red may be just the ticket to a more uplifting rainy day outlook.

Black, white and red rain gear Khoncepts
Black, white and red rainy day accessories


Travel bag

Red jewelry

Red umbrella

Neoprene lunch bag

Wedding Wednesday: Monogrammed Goth Wedding Candles

Add your monogram to personalized this cute black and white skull patterned invitation, key chain and unity candle set designed in collaboration with my son.🙂
Perfect additions for Goth themed weddings and events.
What are your initials!!

Goth Wedding Accessories

Skull home decor