Wedding Wednesday: Super St. Patrick’s Day wedding suggestion

Super St. Patrick’s Day shamrock suggestion for 2017! Your St. Patrick’s Day wedding photo background will be quite the conversation piece boldly featuring your name and wedding date!
Consider placing the shower curtain behind the wedding cake or outdoors for a wildly entertaining photo booth idea.

St. Paddy's Day wedding backdrop suggestion
Shamrocks for a St. Patrick’s day wedding

Throwback Thursday: when my “babies” were babies

Waking up 2 hours early in total back and leg pain gave me the impetus to get dressed and leave the house much earlier than normal, taking an alternate route to downtown Boston, walking and pushing through it,  taking a route I used to enjoy with each of my now grown children and even some of their children. I loved this little park because of the pleasant view of the river and the fun my children had many years ago in this still cute little park.

There was lots of shady trees overhead, wonderful spring breezes and the calming view of the Charles River on my left. Two short bench breaks and one hour later, I made it into town with a bit less pain and a bigger smile on my face. Memories of my babies.


Wedding Wednesday: What will be your wedding backdrop design

Wonderful wedding suggestion for photo backgrounds where the the wall or outdoor area may need a bit of dressing up. Send me your wedding colors and let’s see if we can create a beautiful design that can also be used in your home as a lasting memento.

Wedding backdrop idea
Wedding colors of peach, blue and lavender.

How your child can easily bring summer memories to school in the Fall

Make back to school even more exciting by sending your child with personalized school assignment accessories. A few years back, my youngest child and I co-designed his 3 ring binder with two of sketch artwork and a few photos of his trips we took that summer.  He chose the background color of a rich green and the side spine text showing where he had visited. The added benefit of successfully keeping track of the binder all school year was an a bonus.

This summer, consider setting aside a few memorable summer photo and souvenir items of your child’s vacation from school. Scan or take pictures of souvenirs such as movie tickets, park admissions, favorite restaurant menu and more.

Products usually take about ten days to ship. Compile them and depending on the back to school start date, design and order a binder, matching notebook and even a backpack.

I love this process and would be very happy to assist!

Collages can come in a variety of formats. We chose one containing 11 images of different sizes or we could have picked a nine block formatted outlay.

Your child will enjoy having a school accessory designed specifically for them and you’ll be happy knowing you helped keep those great summer memories alive.

Customizing back to school accessories for your child
Personalized back to school accessories

How to enjoy walking through Boston’s Public Garden?

How do you enjoy walking through the lovely and historic Boston Public Garden?

Allow me a few suggestions such as; maybe stop walking while texting and look up and enjoy the swans gliding along in the pond or consider leaving home a few minutes early to stroll rather than speed walk down the winding paths or even take a moment to sit on the many benches and absorb the sweet floral smells and lively chirping of the many varieties of birds.

Spring is fleeting, here’s a few snapshots for those who may have totally missed the beauty of the “first public garden” in the United States. ☺️

How to enjoy walking through the Garden
Walking through the Boston Public Garden

Sunday: Spring Showers Rain Gear – behind the scenes look

Bringing cheer, smiles and a bit of joy by wearing a beautifully designed graphic art raincoat with the matching umbrella. It occurred to me that other day, that I had a variety of raincoats being sold in one online store and umbrellas in another store, however, when I checked, I noticed that none of them coordinated with each other. How could that be:-)

Colorful matching rain gear for her
Colorful matching rain gear for her


Long story made short, I was suppose to be in Maryland visiting my Dad the weekend of the Boston Marathon but was too sick travel. There was no way, in good conscience I could take a 9 hour bus ride down and back sneezing, coughing and blowing my nose. My 83 year old Dad also appreciated that I kept my sick self in Boston. So although I was disappointed in not taking my annual April trip to the Beltway,  I unexpectedly had a nice long holiday weekend to do a bit of “work” which as most artists will tell you, is not really work at all. It’s a “labor” of love.

It took most of the day to create six eye-catching coordinating rain gear sets using existing artwork. Here’s a behind the scenes look at the process:

  • adding the right type of art to product in both stores Celeste Sheffey on PAOM and Khoncepts on Cowcow so that it is the proper size
  • naming the product
  • entering keywords to the design so it can be found online
  • posting it for sale
  • grabbing the webpage link of the product
  • add each product to my 481 page word document (and counting)
  • adding the webpage link to the product in my document
  • each product has a description and keywords
  • a draft promo of new items is created to share on social media (as shown below)
  • items are posted on website
  • blog overviews are drafted

All in all, a fabulous (although sick) day of art, creativity, promotion and enjoyment.

Which set would you choose to have!

Wearable Wednesday: Red, White and Blue Tote Bags

My parents must have been very happy to have their first born child, me, be able to happily entertain myself for long periods of time. One of my favorite activities was peering through my toy kaleidoscope  turning the tube and watching as tiny pieces of colorful items slowly fell into magical, geometric formations.

Fast forward many (many) years later and I still have this huge love affair with geometric designs only now I’m able to immerse myself on my iPad, as I create hundreds of patterns using favorite aptly named app – Kaleidoscope.:-)

A few months ago, my projects calendar pointed out it was time to think about patriotic holidays. Not wanting to use flags but not having any idea of what to draw,  I doodled with swirls of red, white and blue using a finger paint app and became inspired to take the drawing and apply a kaleidoscope effect to it.

(side note: quite a few countries and states have red, white and blue flags)

The surprisingly hard part is not all of the above but stopping after 10 patterns have been reached which will be used for fashion wear, accessories and home decor. Five prints are featured here as tote bags. Fill them with goodies based on the type of patriotic holiday being celebrated or as wedding gift bags for out of town guests or just because you love one of them. Red, white and blue which bag suits you!

Eye catching red, white and blue tote bags
Gorgeously patriotic themed tote bags

Sunday Sales Summary: Thank you!

I absolutely love connecting with folks all over the world who feel connected to my very eclectic style of art and photography via my various online stores.

It is truly a blessing to have found several online print on demand shops that allow me to post designs online on everything from fashion wear to cake pop desserts.

The only major drawback is not being able to personally thank my happy customers due to the fact that the stores they purchase the item from are the ones with the ability to  collect their contact information….not me.

That said, posting my appreciative “thank yous” via posts and Instagram are my only methods of sending it out to the universe.

Thank you!!!!

Captivating , hot pink, lime green and black stripes shower curtain
Hot pink and neon green home decor.

Travel Tuesday: Gruene, Texas

One week before leaving  a very chilly, snowy Boston on my way to experience my first visit to Texas, I emailed my cousin a 20 item wish list of items to photograph and places to visit. My terrific cousin Sharon, who lives in San Antonio Texas happily obliged me as she had not done many of the items on my now famous “checklist”.

We enjoyed a scenic drive looking for fields of the Texas state flower, bluebells on our way to Gruene, Texas to have lunch at her favorite restaurant. We lucked up with off-street parking and decided to stroll along the small, family filled sidewalks so I could enjoying seeing the picturesque historic buildings. We slowly made our way to the Guadalupe River as she new I liked waterfalls, rivers, streams. It was amazing to see all of the large, bald cypress trees embracing the river banks. I almost wished we could go rafting to take more exciting photographs. Lol. Almost.

Gruene, Texas
Guadalupe River in Gruene, Texas