Mardi Gras stars #4509

Another fun photo project. One year there were about 5 different delicious King Cakes at my job and it occurred to me to actually take a photo of one using my iPad. I cropped it closely capturing just the green, purple and gold creating this inspired Mardi Gras Stars #4509 design used on home decor and fashion attire.

I had to look this up which is the great thing about blogging, providing a bit of detail to my photos. Green is for faith, gold represents power and purple stands for justice.  :-)

Mardi Gras colored inpired gift products
colors of a King Cake

Mardi Gras stars #4509

Mardi Gras stars #4509

What’s in your home and closet!!

Saturday Save: 28 year old Daycare Artwork

Saving artwork for 4 children for 12 years was not something I was inclined to do lol. I made sure I took photos of all their work saving only a very few special ones that I still have today!

The photo below is artwork my son did in pre-school when he was 4 years old. 28 years later it still remains in my files. It took a bit of cleaning up in Photoshop but I think I was pretty successful. Once the bits of dirt and scotch tape was removed I added a little bit of tapestry filter updating it just a bit.

Next week will be a few home decor and gift product images with his design as a basis. Any proceeds will go into a special account for his daughter Adrianna. :-)

What have you done with your children’s drawings.


Black, white and red kaleidoscope flowers 9054

For lovers of red, black and white! Home decor and fashion attire featuring black, white and red graffiti art transformed into this stunningly bold floral kaleidoscope design 9054.

Also showing are six additional new artworks in the pipeline to complete.

Send me your favorite 3 colors and let me work a little magic.

Red, black and white graphic art

Blood Moon Photo Collage

Eclipse of 2015
Blood Moon 2015

Images my teen son Justyn and I took of the moon’s phases these past 3 nights. I’m thinking I should use binoculars in 2033 and photograph thru them lol.  The important thing is we had a fun shared experience sitting in a lawn chair right in our backyard watching such an amazing sight.

Throw Back Thursday : Macaw Clock

Enjoying fantastic family photos in ways other than storing them on a phone or computer allows for daily enjoyment. Creating photographic wall clocks helps to keep memories fresh literally all day long. :-)

This photo was taken during one of our ten day, 14 member, honeymoon/family cruise. Take the poll below or comment on how your family’s vacation photos are used.

Brightly colorful red and blue macaws tapestry print. Series 2
Brightly colorful red and blue macaws tapestry print. Series 2

Red Wood Chips on a rain mist September morning

I love living in the city. I don’t love taking public transportation so I find myself walking as much as possible while enjoying the sights and sounds of nature that others who are constantly walking while texting and reading on their phones miss.

I admit, while a brightly colorful yard full of bright red wood chips on a rain mist September morning may not be exciting to the majority, it brought joy and inspiration to me as shown on a few fashion and home decor Red wood chips 8951 as fashion as home decor.

What’s in your home and closet? :-)

Red Wood Chips 8951 Graphic Art
Red Wood Chips 8951 Graphic Art

Vivid Purple, hot pink and neon orange bathroom home and dorm room decor

Amazingly colorful bathroom accessories of vivid purple, hot pink and neon orange.
Personalized with these creatively updated tie dye abstract art prints on tie dye shower curtain, tie dye rug, and the soap dispenser/toothbrush holder set.

Who do we know that would love to have these in their home and dorm room!!

Tie Dye Heaven
Tie Dye Heaven