Wonderful Wednesday: The Nazca Booby

San Juan, Puerto Rico

We were followed by several unusual brown and white seabirds while cruising to San Juan, Puerto Rico. It took quite a few tries as they swooped and dived before capturing any decent images. It would be a few weeks after returning to Boston that I was able to Google the name of the bird using the search term: what is a brown and white seabird with a long white beak.  Thirty minutes later scrolling all the images I found it!

A Nazca Booby

My highly anticipated return trip to San Juan was enjoyable full of exciting sounds and sights like the very weirdly wonderful Nazca Booby bird. Funny side note, when adding tags in Celeste’s gift products on Zazzle, the word booby was flagged. They offered me the choice of making the poster PG-13 or change the word. Booby was removed. :-)

San Juan, Puerto Rico scenic images.
San Juan, Puerto Rico scenic images.


Fashion Friday – Neoprene Lunch Bags

Dual purpose items are absolutely the best when you stumble upon an unexpected use. One evening, while walking home, I got caught in rain shower. Normally this wouldn’t have been a big deal, however the backpack I had my Nikon and a few tech items in was not waterproof. A second before panic came, I remembered I was carrying my now empty lunch bag! Seconds later, my Nikon and techie accessories were snuggly dry inside the water resistant, neoprene bag. Whew!

Now a bag is always inside my nylon backpack. I enjoy the extra bit of cushion with items no longer are poking me in the back. Winning! lol

Also, my other lunch bag looks great in the frig, as a lunch bag. Mix and match designs as a fun Friday Fashionista.

What’s in your office refrigerator?

Fabulously fun fashion foodie bag designs.
Fabulously fun fashion foodie bag designs.

Throwback Thursday – first sale

For years I participated in, as well as, organized, art shows. Doing shows in person meant bringing tons of artwork, setting up and then dismantling the display at the end of the day. After 8 years of shows I began investigating print on demand companies also know as PODs with the lofty goal of reaching a broader audience. I felt my photographs would be good as starter items creating three colorful collage prints.

Properly re-sizing images, carefully tagging with the correct keywords,, choosing store front colors, learning a bit of html and much more took over my evenings. Once those basics  were somewhat mastered,  I woke up one morning and discovered in my In Box, my very first “you have made a sale” email!!!

My first online sale using Zazzle.com will always conjure up a tremendously exciting feeling as someone loved something I made, enough to actually purchase. The ultimate compliment.😀

 Photo collage of St. Maarten by Celeste Sheffey

Wearable Wednesday – Stripes

Tres chic bold, black, white and pink striped women’s fashion for that wildly confident fashionista. 

Dare I say that stripes are so sexy yet srikingly clean in it’s plainness. Much like me, fashion style opposites peacefully co-existing.

What’s in your closet?

Bold, black, white and pink striped fashion
Wearable Wednesday 

Thankful Tuesday

#ThankfulTuesday. 2 years ago I suffered debilitating pain from my ankle all the way up to my buttocks. I can honestly say after having 4 children that childbirth was nothing in comparison. TODAY I am so happy to say I’m 85% healed and am back to my daily 2 mile morning walk. I am truly thankful and appreciate every moment my crutches are in the closet and my pain meds remain in the cabinet. 😁. #thankful #healing #powerofpositivethought #blessed #walking


Bermuda Wave on a pink sandy beach

Patiently waiting for it paid off in snapping a perfect moment in time. A huge wave spilling over a large lava rock onto a pink sandy Bermuda  beach. It took a few minutes before the waves crashed over the rock in just the right way. Over in the distance, my family was happily frolicking in the ocean while Mom was, as usual, capturing moments to last forever.

It is such a kick when emails pop into my In Box of like-minded customers who have purchased this image on a variety of products. Most recently a woman in Massachusetts ordered and personalized several coffee mugs.  Personalizing a product is a high compliment as my understanding is it can not be returned.

I’d love to know what moved her to not only buy the mugs but to customize them as well?  Did she buy them for friends, co-workers or family? What did she say on the mugs? Did she have an easy time adding her own touches? I know the story behind the creation of the design. I imagine the story behind the purchase is just as intriguing.

What’s your story? :-)

Bermuda Wave Customized Coffee Mug.
Bermuda Wave Customized Coffee Mug.

When a photograph becomes more than a photograph

Imagine seeing an image, photographing it and then converting it into something more, something different yet strangely the same. I tend to visualize past the literal and luckily for me, quite a few of my customers “see” past the literal too such as an art lover who purchased this medium size art print of sunflower seeds that began as a photograph of a beautiful, yellow sunflower. I see abstracts everywhere.
Sunflower seeds on canvas by celeste@khoncepts.com

Orange Pansies on Canvas

Passerby, ignored, gone unnoticed by all except me until I started taking photos.

Seeing the possibilities of designs rather than just the reality of an image is typically how my brain works which why I so love my solitary morning walks. Walking, viewing, snapping photos and imagining, with no one to say “come on Mom!”.

Orange Pansies Collage on Canvas. A photograph of colorful orange pansies featuring several abstract graphic designs creating this eye catching collage on gloss canvas. Made from an additive-free cotton-poly blend and a special ink-receptive coating that protects the printed surface from cracking when stretched. It’s made with a tight weave ideal for prints that are fade-resistant for 75 years or more.

Home Decor decorators will love the complementary orange pansies gift products.

Orange Pansies Collage Canvas Print
Orange Pansies Collage on Canvas A photograph of colorful orange pansies. The photograph morphed into several graphic designs creating this eye catching collage on canvas. By celeste@khoncepts.com

Orange Pansies Collage Canvas Print by CelesteSheffey

Hawk and juvenile in their aerie.

Elegantly swooping and gliding high in the sky. Hawks have always reminded me of our family and friends picnics in Bear Mountain, New York when we were little. Laying on a blanket on the soft green grass watching as they soared overhead.

Hawks continue to be my favorite birds. Each spring I eagerly stake out “my” hawk’s aerie in Boston.

#wildlifephotography #Boston #aerie #babybirds #Nikon #Redtailhawk #birdnest #VisitMA

Hawk and Junvenile in aerie by celeste@khoncepts.com
Mother hawk and baby in their nest.


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^ private investment takes the lead in Roxbury now : Governor Baker presides at ribbon-cutting opening of the new Tropical Foods supermarket along Cass Boulevard.

—- —- —-

This week Governor Baker announced that he was putting on hold the previously planned move of the Department of Transportation (DOT) to our neighborhood. Baker gave his reasons : first, the State hasn’t found a buyer for the DOT’s current headquarters in Park Square; second, Baker feels that the DOT needs to focus on fixing the state’s transit difficulties and not be distracted by such a huge move; and third, the move may n ot be necessary, after all, for its original purpose.

When Governor Patrick first ordered the move, it foresaw bringing a large number of government employees, some quite well paid, into a neighborhood that then badly needed such an economic boost. Instead, the boost was given by the City…

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