Travel Tuesday: Gruene, Texas

One week before leaving  a very chilly, snowy Boston on my way to experience my first visit to Texas, I emailed my cousin a 20 item wish list of items to photograph and places to visit. My terrific cousin Sharon, who lives in San Antonio Texas happily obliged me as she had not done many of the items on my now famous “checklist”.

We enjoyed a scenic drive looking for fields of the Texas state flower, bluebells on our way to Gruene, Texas to have lunch at her favorite restaurant. We lucked up with off-street parking and decided to stroll along the small, family filled sidewalks so I could enjoying seeing the picturesque historic buildings. We slowly made our way to the Guadalupe River as she new I liked waterfalls, rivers, streams. It was amazing to see all of the large, bald cypress trees embracing the river banks. I almost wished we could go rafting to take more exciting photographs. Lol. Almost.

Gruene, Texas
Guadalupe River in Gruene, Texas

Traveling Tuesday: My last name is Sheffey

Trip of a lifetime, other than my brothers, parents and Grandmother, I never knew anyone else with the last name of Sheffey. Fast forward to 2008 when I heard about and joined Facebook where a whole new world of Sheffeys magically appeared. Hundreds of them, all across the country. 2009 I started the “My Last Name is Sheffey” Facebook page. It’s surreal connecting with Sheffeys online and meeting actual cousins in real life, July 30, 2015. They drove in from Tennessee and we drove in from Maryland, meeting them in Wytheville, VA where our Grandfather was born. My brothers, cousins and I all had a wonderful lunch at the Log House Restaurant built in 1782.

After a delicious, leisurely lunch, we said our good-byes to our cousins and then went to find The Sheffey Elementary School and Sheffey School Road. It was so exciting hopping out of the car to take photos under the street sign and then in front of the school!! Two less bucket list items crossed off my list.
Whoo Hoo.

The Sheffey Elementary School
A five year dream come true.

Wearable Wednesday for the Wee one!

My family has welcomed three babies in three years one of which is my great-granddaughter! As much as I loved sewing, I find designing and ordering personalized wearable baby fashions fits my current lifestyle. Being creative online is so much more productive time-wise and folks worldwide can share in my delight.

What’s your favorite nickname for the baby in your family?


Baby fashion wear
Baby fashion wear

Travel Tuesday: Icelandic photo collage

It’s been a very long time since I’ve been enamored of a country and for whatever reason, my quick, 4 day visit to Iceland remains very vivid in my mind.
I can’t seem to stop talking and writing about my winter trip to Reykjavik. Almost every single person we met was friendly and helpful. Only two, a salesperson at a jewelry store in the city and a flight attendant at the airport on our last day made it a 98% successful adventure. One day, I’ll set up another travel discount package alert and plan a return visit during the summer for a comparison.

Visiting Iceland in winter
A few favorite photos of recent visit to Iceland.

Wearable Wednesday: Wrap scarf print

Wonderfully printed, all occasion black and gold wrap scarf will certainly dress up an all black outfit at an upscale event. I personally love using them as a head wrap for my dread locs. How will you wear yours!

black and gold print scarf
Black and gold kaleidoscope 2613 wrap scarf

Sunday: Shower curtain birthday memento

My Dad will be 84 years old this July! He is thankfully pretty healthy, causing trouble while being charming in his Memory Care living facility.
Dad currently has a private room and bath but little space for anything other than what is already in his room. As the eldest child and the only girl, I’m practical and creatively thoughtful hence the birthday BBQ shower curtain gift. One of my brothers designed the invite and I added everything I could remember that my Dad has been called, mainly Hey Hey Joe:-)

The big event will be held outdoors at my cousin’s beautiful home and the curtain will be the backdrop for fun, family photos with Dad, his friends, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and his new great-great granddaughter.

I’m also considering having everyone sign the curtain. What do you think about that idea? Let me know in the poll.

Shower curtains as photo backdrops
Dad’s new shower curtain birthday memento

Wearable Wednesday: Black and gold kaleidoscope 2613 square dress

Super summer fun fashion attire for cruises, summer outings, baby showers and so much more! Dress it up with accessories such as high heels, fancy sandals, statement jewelery and enjoy all the wonderful compliments.

Day or evening fashion for her.
Day or evening fashion for her.

Black and Gold Spirals iPhone Case

Last week I purchased black cardboard paper and gold metallic magic marker with the intention of actually hand draw a design vs digitally manipulating images. I ended up doing both and hand drawing and drawing on my iPad. The reason I ended up using my iPad is because scanning the black construction paper ended up with flecks of red and not true black. Ugh! The iPad color looked more bronze than gold, so while I was looking at both, trying to decide which to use, in walked in my 19 year old son who took one look at the construction paper drawing and he said he loved it and wanted a new iPhone 6/6s case with the design.

It took me a week, off and on, tweaking the colors on the black and gold to be, well, more black and gold. I just emailed my son the design and am waiting for final word on if we’re placing an order or not. Having a teen love a design is in itself, gold!

Black and gold metallic hand drawing
Black and gold metallic hand drawing