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I’m still excited about my first trip  to O’ahu, Hawaii to attend a family member’s wedding. It was great meeting my family some of whom were born and raised in American Samoa. Guests flew in from Australia, California, Kentucky, Maryland and I traveled Massachusetts.
The wedding was held in a beautiful resort, however, I did quite a bit of research and found a much more “economical” Inn on the same road but with a saving almost $1,000.  I’m one of those travelers who only use a room to sleep, bath and change and it was in a great location.
Even though I was on “vacation” I made sure to wake up every single morning to photograph and videotape the stunning sunrises while staying in Laie, Hawaii.
My hotel was strickly functional for my short trip as I was traveling  the island the majority of each day there. The hotel served complimentary breakfast,had free WI-Fi in the hotel lobby as well as being in a great location, city bus stop was right in front of the Inn costing only $2.25 including a free bus voucher for the ride back to the Inn. Since I’m a city girl, I had no trouble grabbing my camera gear and going out to to wait for the city bus. I enjoyed a great scenic, city bus trip all the way into Waikiki taking approximately 90 minutes.
The hotel provided free city maps which I marked up while riding the bus, targeting various beaches to visit during my seven day stay on the island.
I created this short photo/video using Garage Band to create the “Hawaiian” background music. My Garage Band skills are self-taught but I think I did a decent job of making the island music more Polynesian and less Reggae….

I also set-up a Pro Photo Album to share some of my lovely images of Oa’hu, Hawaii from Honolulu to Turtle Bay Resort. Sunsets, Sunrises, Beaches, Surfing by AC Sheffey Please click album to open and enjoy!

I’m planning a few more visits to the other islands with the idea of wintering in warm weather and living on the East coast, spring through fall.
Note: It was difficult choosing photos for the header but I thinks these capture what I love about island life.
I enjoyed using my camera phone on my travels as I’m quickly able to share images on my Facebook account! This untouched photo is my first sunrise in Hawaii (Laie)
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