Holiday Tip-removing sticky labels from glassware

As a holiday treat to myself, I researched buying a specific type of glass dish to replace the last bit of memories from another time in my life (another story). In reading the customer reviews – very helpful by the way- one con was prevalent throughout the 30+ reviews- the dishes were beautiful but next to impossible to remove the store label.

But I wanted the dishes and when they arrived they were perfect! Except for removing the sticky residue from-yes- the store label.  After giving it some thought, I grabbed my nail polish remover, with vitamin e (smile), some cotton balls, rubber gloves to protect my recent manicure and after lightly rubbing the stickiness for less than 5 seconds, viola` no residue. The new dishes, all 24 of them,  after a quick dishwasher run, look gorgeous.

That hugh success gave me the courage to tackle, eight lovely etched glass mirrow picture frame, one pictured above with the very ugly label firmly glued to the surface. That too begs the question of why the front??? 

And yes, after less than one minute – we’re all clean, clear and ready to be wrapped! 

I can’t guarantee this tip on all glassware but wanted to share it just in case it’s helpful to others.


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