Prism Photography Pops! by A. Celeste Sheffey

Average, everyday, even stunning photographs will absolutely POP when using this fabulously fun photo slideshow program. I was reading a travel blog and spotted a slideshow as I was scrolling down her blog page.  As a videographer and avid photographer, I am always on the lookout for free and exciting ways to entertain and impress my clients, friends and family. For my first Slide project, I uploaded a few images from my multicolored floral file trying and discarding several program skin choices finally choosing Prism.

Viewing my first effort more than 20+ times and LOL  I can hardly wait to begin creating  quite a few photo slideshows for my various Facebook  family, friends, my clients, my bridal couples, artists, non-profits and dancers, Wow!

One of my few wish list items would be to include a pause feature. Surprisingly, Slide has quite a large music library. I didn’t see an option to upload my own music, however, they had enough instrumental choices to keep me happy until they hopefully also include uploading music and then let me download it to my computer to burn to a dvd.  In the meantime, I’m  really feel very lucky to have find this electronica tune which is a perfect complement for Prism Pops!

Be inspired and enjoy!

I’m sharing the link due to the fact that the music automatical turns on each and every time you you visit my page.  Please find the link here

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