Hours of Zazzling

It's a New Year, 2010, a new decade actually and most of my friends and family continue to find it a mystery how much I truly enjoy literally spending hours and hours creating and posting my artwork on various gift products such as sneakers, skate boards, greeting cards and more.


New Years Day, I revisited using Zazzle which is a free site that allows you to "create your own one of a kind custom products". After a few tries, I figured out how to adjust my images to fit their line of products, adding text, pricing, descriptions, keywords and more before the products are finally processed which may take anywhere from a few minutes to 24 hours before they are displayed in your merchant store but once it's all done, I must admit I like really the look of their animated Zazzle panel.

My other merchant store doesn't have this animated panel feature, however, I've done well with them and will continue to utilize both as each of merchant's site has unique products that can only be found on their sites.

Imagine designing your very own personal, one of a kind, Keds sneakers or ties! Well at Zazzle you can do just that and/or have someone who enjoys that creative process do it for you. 

Two important notes: 1)be sure to title your products properly so that you don't have to manually change all of them like I just spent 30 minutes doing once I saw them all posted.

My initial title was "Floral Thank You Cards" which of course was not accurate for the OTHER products in my store so I had to rename all the non-card items to

"Floral Thank you gift products" by Celeste Sheffey

Note 2) I strongly suggest using the Save option when designing the sneakers and remember it may take 24 hours before your items are publicly posted. You can however, purchase them yourself from your private products file.

News flash: I just received a google alert that my Zazzle products were posted on line- wonderful!

And I made a Sale!! less than 48 hours after posting...

Thank you! cards by Celeste Sheffey of Khoncepts Post Card from
24 Hour Shipping on most orders. Thank you! cards by Celeste Sheffey of Khoncepts Post Card created by Celeste Sheffey.


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