Black, White and Red All Over by Celeste Sheffey of Khoncepts

I’ve had a love affair with the colors of  black and white for many years.  Some may argue that those are “non” colors however, for me, black and white represents clean lines with simple elegance.

The entire first floor of my townhouse,  including my home office, the half bath and kitchen makeovers were all redone using Black and White with Red accents. I admit the contractors were a bit skeptical but even they took loads of photos once they completed the renovations.

To complement my new decor, I created a variety of black, white and red product items in my Zazzle store  that beautifully ties all the rooms together.

I also had my southern facing office wall painted a bright fire engine red causing my painter a few unpleasant headaches with a few missteps before he achieving the exact shade of red I wanted. We discovered that red is a very difficult wall color to paint with if the walls aren’t properly primed.    🙂

I was having so much fun creating houseware items that I decided to also get a head start on my summer outfits, specifically walking shoes.

I walk almost 2 miles, Monday -Friday, to my day job located in downtown Boston, MA and while I am not a sneaker person, nor do I even currently own a pair, my designs inspired me to create shoes that I would, actually wear since cute little sandals are no longer an option due to a bad knee. I’m really looking forward to when the weather  improves to start rocking my new shoe designs!

I’d be happy to assist you if you’re in the process of redecorating. You might wish to consider creating a one of a kind, affordable piece of art or accessory to complement your vision. It will instantly become a great topic of conversation.

I’m really going to enjoy summer this year!

A. Celeste Sheffey – CEO/Owner
Khoncepts and Wedding Khoncepts
Digital Videotaping, Scenic Photography and Scanning Services
Phone: 617.442.9912
Wedding Khoncepts  – Videotaping and photo albums

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