Organizing Photo images, keywords and descriptions by Celeste Sheffey

Five years ago I suffered a major personal set-back which in turn almost cost me my then, 7 yr old photography, videotaping business

Four long years of struggling to find new clients, re-organizing my client base, re-grouping emotionally and returning to my pre-2005 years of excitement came when in 2009 I was finally in a personal place where it was time to knock off  going in any and all directions and get back to work. Time to really FOCUS and get myself back on the right track. 

For me the best method was to immerse myself in online research of highly successful people in my photography and video professions by heavily utilizing google alerts, which by the way is a fantastic business research tool.

First, I started with inner growth and set google alerts for manifesting inner growth, health,  law of attraction articles, etc.  After three months of reading hundreds of articles, I changed my alerts to focus on how to make money with photography.

Again, after three more months of absorbing all I could from those articles, I reset my alerts every three months bringing me to where I am now, 2010 and happily writing this article on my new blog.

I’ve rediscovered my passion!  

The major common threads of all my research was: discover your passion, know your goal, write down the steps it will take to get there and simply ACT on it. 

Do at least one thing everyday to reach your goal.

I knew I wanted to transition from an on-site event, people photographer to incorporating my love of travel and begin promoting my  scenic-travel images.

First, I identified the overall scope of what needed to be done, then divided my goal into manageable steps.  Being a visual person, it made sense for me to create a photography chart with the following four columns.

1st column– insert a thumbnail of the photo image with a hyper link to the store(s)
2nd column – is the title of the image
3rd column – the description of the image as listed in the store(s)
4th column – the all important keywords for folks to find my images

I am now able to view the image thumbnails, the descriptions and keywords and can “easily see” what needs to be tweaked. I  implemented this system beginning with  my new photos  and I’ve already seen a 60% increase in online product sales!

 This table format is working very well for me. I keep a copy on a portable 500 GB hard drive.  I also have a printed hard copy. Best of all  receiving an email that my “product has been sold“! excites and motivates me to continue until every last one  of my images are cataloged.

 Google alerts helped me enormously in finding the right tools helping me towards attaining my professional and personal goals and hopefully you will discover the best method of reaching your dreams.

Enjoy your passion !


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