“Chocolaqua”, naming your art by Celeste Sheffey


As with many people, I found 2009 to be an artistically challenging year as a videographer with a background in photography due to many clients and would be clients deciding to cut back on these types of “extra” event related services.

So I took advantage of my down time to explore additional artistic avenues that would tie into my exisiting video and photo income streams and in the process, re-discovered the joy of creating various types of abstract art.

Imagine my surprise and excitment to now be regularly contacted by my existing, as well as, brand new clients about my designs using their favorite colors!

Chocolate brown and aqua blue seem to be this year’s popular color combinations as enjoyed by quite a few of my family members such as one of my cousins who redecorated her bedroom in luscious shades of brown and aqua and another cousin who chose them as her very gorgeous wedding theme including the invitations and bridal shower accents and a client whose daughter requested a pair of  sneakers and the matching 3 ring notebook binder as shown below.

I was in seventh heaven, creating and designing colorful graphics all hours of the day and night only to discover that to post them online, I felt they all needed to have an interesting product name.  I’m not sure how succesful I will be with that project but for now please enjoy a few of  my chocolate-brown and aqua now known as “Chocolaqua” items.


I’d enjoy learning about your favorite colors!  Take the poll and share your combinations.

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