Spring photos of Boston, MA by Celeste Sheffey

A highly anticipated spring season finally arrived in Boston with slowly emerging bursts of color!

 Truly no offense to those folks who read books and newspapers while “walking”  however, for me, spring lasts about three glorious weeks and every moment is a joy to observe and in my case, digitally document with my Nikon systems.  Birds, flowers, trees – for  ninety minutes every morning,  it’s a happy visual overload.

Recently, one of my cousins overheard me state how great it would be to have a very simple pocket-size camera handy to take close-up macro shots rather than continually switching the  two lenses on my Nikon, one of which had to replace when the locking mechanism broke into pieces my last day in Hawaii and he gifted me his Canon PowerShot!

This cardinal image was taken using my 3 yr old Nikon D40. The other two floral pictures were taken on my first day using the PowerShot. Thankfully my cousin also included the manual packaged with the camera.  I’m definitely going to read it to correct my white balance settings but I’ve gotten wonderful results with the macro format which was my initial intention so I’m a very happy, walking to work, photographer. 

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