Atlantic City Boardwalk Photos by A. Celeste Sheffey


Even though I was born in NJ, many years ago, this year’s Memorial Day weekend was my first visit to the famous Boardwalk. I experienced many different emotions riding down White Horse Pike, Absecon, NJ towards Atlantic City; excitment at seeing the Jersey Atlantic Wind Farm, the casinos along the skyline and the signs all pointing to the boardwalk. 

What I wasn’t expecting was riding through parts of town that were less than glamourous but having done an extensive amount of traveling, I quickly swallowed my surprise and snapped lots of pictures of the co-existance of poverty and posh. However, for this blog, my focus is on cool scenic beach images, the Steel Pier Rides and the Boardwalk itself, as shown in my photo collage.

Funnel cake! I had just read an article about Funnel cake the day before so it was great to see it being sold all up and down the boardwalk and no, I did not try the funnel cake even though they all looked delicious.

The far left photo was taken from the top of the Steel Pier Ferris Wheel ride which is the only amusement park  ride I will do.

The beach sands along the boardwalk varied from dark wet almost black sand to, walking on thousands of broken shells (beach shoes suggested) to soft white sand some of which I bagged and brought home for my ever growing sand and shells jar collections.

I really enjoyed my 3 day visit to Atlantic City and created a short, online video to help keep the memories alive.


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