July 4, 2010 on the Washington Mall by Celeste Sheffey


Watching the July 4th fireworks from the Washington Mall in DC  for the first time was amazing!  My brother and I traveled from the West and East Coasts into Maryland to help celebrate our parents anniversary that weekend and we also agreed that we should see the fireworks while in town. Our family members thought we were crazy but we said, if we could survive the Obama Inauguration events in the dead of winter in 2009 standing outside for 6 hours, then seeing the fireworks would be a piece of cake. 

We timed it perfectly arriving 7 minutes before the fireworks began with no Metro travel delays, crowds or parking issues which we knew was weird but we said ok, this is great!  I taped the entire show which is edited down to 10 minutes for Youtube viewing.

Ok, everything went just great, right until we tried to leave DC. Ugh, the crowds, the full Metro stations, no airconditioners until you reached the train platform 20 heat soaked minutes later. LOL

My picture represents well the massive amounts of people that actually moved along pretty well with very few rowdy exceptions.  We had a great time as always in MD/DC/VA!    Heat, crowds and all.

July 4, 2010
after the July 4th fireworks

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