Sterling Silver and Black Pendant Kaleidoscope by A. Celeste Sheffey


I’d like to borrow and modify a great line from the movie ‘The Sixth Sense’ to say                             “I see abstract kaleidoscope designs everywhere! “

Multicolored flowers, textured moss on wet trees, stairs, railings, fences, barbed wire and even packing crates yield fabulous kaleidoscope print designs. My personal favorites are cobble sidewalks, stones, beach sand and rocks.

Everyone who walks or travels with me laughs at my enthusiasm as taking photographs of rocks that catch my eye is akin to spotting treasures hidden from other peoples view yet are right there in ‘Plain Sight’, yes just like the TV show

As a child growing up in Connecticut, collecting beautifully colored stones, especially quartz was a passion of mine.  I would always notice subtly flecked specks of colored stone mixed in with the mica.  Unfortunately, after moving many times, my actual rock collection is no more, however the great news is,  I’m able to collect thousands of rocks with the help of maintaining a large digital picture file folder of rock images.

 My various photo collections are saved into individual file folders on my 500gig external hard drive and not stored on my computer system hard drive, that’s another story.  🙂

 Last week, I chose this image of a pile of multicolored gray, black and white rocks with flecks of silver and using my favorite Kaleidoscope software program, I created this stunning “Sterling Silver and Black Pendant” design.


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