Day trip to NYC, Central Park Zoo

One morning, I spotted an small ad in the Boston Metro newspaper and took advantage of Worldwide Bus lines special $10 each way ticket from Boston to NYC with my teenage son. We enjoyed a quick day trip to visit Central Park Zoo where we saw a variety of animals not featured at our Franklin Park Zoo such as Snow Monkeys, a Snow leopard, Victoria Crown Pigeon, sea lions, polar bears and more. It also gave me a great opportunity to try out my new Sony HD camera. Perfect would be having my Sony computer system actually be able to read the video files on a Sony camcorder without purchasing additional software to be able to edit the movie clips but that’s for another blog post. I’m absolutely blown away by the stunning clarity of HD and will be adding a second camera for my assistant.  We can hardly wait to finish editing our first HD wedding video!

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2 thoughts on “Day trip to NYC, Central Park Zoo

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