Look up!

New cities, your city, vacations, walking without reading a paper or book, walking without texting….. there are amazing things to see by simply looking up and noticing one’s surroundings every now and then.  One of my favorite video clips is a perfect example of total oblivion, watching scores of folks dashing through the beautiful Boston Public Garden not noticing as they walked under a low lying tree limb with a very large hawk sitting there watching them go by. It was great! 

I get great pleasure whenever I’m able to spot my favorite bird in all types of settings.  This HD video clip was shot, January 6th at 7:15am, Dudley Station, in Roxbury, MA.  He/she  was high up perched on a railing on the former Ferdinand Building.   I wish I had had my video camera when the snowy owl landed on the Boston Commons but I did get great photos which I’ll share for another post.