Roxbury Raccoon Relaxing by Celeste Sheffey

It’s a sunny Saturday morning and my youngest daughter called me from her car to say there was a raccoon sleeping in the backyard of our condo unit.
So exciting! I almost hung up on her because she was telling me I probably shouldn’t go outside, lol, no way was I not going to go gets some pics and video especially in broad daylight.

I grabbed my videocamera, a jacket, threw on some boots and headed out the back door totally missing him at first. I backtracked and realized I almost walked right on on him.

I’m glad he just seemed to be enjoying the sunshine and was rabid or about to attack me, so here is a short video clip of our Roxbury Resident Raccoon.

Sunday, March 20, 2011,

Our raccoon was still in the same spot the next day, Sunday!  His behavior was highly unusual. We first called City of Boston Animal Control, Saturday morning when we first spotted him. They told us it will probably move along on it’s own, really??? and if we owned our home (yes) we’d have to pay someone to come remove him.

So today, Sunday, we called them again and told them the raccoon was in the same spot as yesterday. This time they transferred us to Animal Rescue League. They arrived within the hour. Once he pulled into the back the raccoon actually started to move into an upright position but that was it. It wasn’t until the man started toward him that we saw him dragging his body along the ground, legs flat out behind him. We’re guessing he was probably hit by a car and dragged himself to our backyard. We’re glad we called again as he probably would’ve not lasted much longer without food or water. The Rescue league man got his hook and cage and I went inside as I couldn’t bear to watch. A happy ending would be they patched him up and set him free in an appropriate place.


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