One of the main reasons I enjoy walking to work is being able to quietly sort out things I’m working on. This morning, I was mentally thinking of all the qualities I would love to have in a significant other and those qualities of mine that they would enjoy about me. As I was doing this mental exercise a very attractive man rode past me on his bike through the Boston Commons.  As I was thinking and walking, I noticed he had pulled up and was sitting on the bench smoking a cigarette which for me is turn-off but I was in a good mood and he said good morning so I jokingly said to him, “you’re doing a good thing by riding a bike and yet you’re smoking” and he laughed and said an amazing thing, he said, “I’ve learned that we as humans are a contradiction.”  I laughed and said “exactly right” and headed into work.

That message was diffently meant for me this morning.  We / I am a contradiction which makes it all the more amazing when a relationship actually works, despite and may a little bit because of all the BS we deal with everyday. Understanding and accepting the contradictions in our lives in a positive, mutually beneficial, uplifting  and loving way for both people is my take on today’s mental eHarmony processing exercise .

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