Pumpkins, Apples, Hayrides and Hornets by Celeste Sheffey

My youngest daughter (26) wanted to treat our little 4yr cousin by going to a farm to pick apples and generally enjoy Sunday’s perfect fall weather day, cool and sunny. We drove and also picked up my daughter’s friend and her 3yr old son. The boys had a great time running up and down the long rows of trees trying to find good ones hanging low enough for them to pick from the tree and place in their bags.

 My daugher and her friend wanted yellow apples so we were directed to the area of the farm that had yellow Macoun apples. Once they filled their bags we noticed we had worked up an appetite and headed to the grill portion of the farm where we placed our orders and ate outdoors at the tables.  The food was pretty good, especially the freshly made, melt in your mouth cinnamon donuts. 

After eating, we took a fun hayride through the orchards which the boys loved, all the bouncing around thrilled them and just being outdoors on a nice autumn day was great.

The whole day was a wonderful adventure, next time though, we’ll know about the hornets that are attracted to the apples, the cider and our food and we’ll eat in a different spot away from the main tables. 🙂

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