Restringing My Mom’s Vintage Jewelry Collection

In November 2010, I inherited quite a bit of my lovely Mom’s vintage jewelry collection some of which she inherited from her Mom. I always enjoyed her three strand beaded necklaces and she often gave me one or two each time I’d visit her and my Dad so it was bitter sweet to be able to bring home all of her precious jewelry after her Home Going Service.

Luckily I have a friend with has a small jewelry business who has enjoyed restringing and adding new loop clasps to all of the necklaces I’ve given her. Below is a beautiful green necklace I wore and which broke once I took it off at home for which I’m thankful as I have all the beads. I’ll have my friend add a few gold pieces to update the look.

I’m being more proactive with the red necklace. I’m giving it to my friend to restring, before it breaks and will have her add a few gold beads to it as well.

Wearing my Mom’s jewelry, my Grandmother Pauline’s and my Aunt Katie’s pieces helps to keep them close. They are also heirlooms I can pass onto my children and their offspring.


A. Celeste Sheffey
HD Videographer & PhotoGraphic Artist
(617) 442-9912

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