Bacon Lovers and The Family’s NuWave Oven by Celeste Sheffey

I confess, I purchased my NuWave oven mainly to cook bacon. My family and I love bacon, however standing over a pan of frying bacon with hot grease popping and sizzling all over me and my stove was a joy kill so it was always a special occasion whenever we had bacon. Now though! We have bacon regularly, no burns, no mess, no bacon oil, just nice, crispy delicious bacon.

One weekend we  only had a frozen package of bacon. I checked the Quick and Easy cooking guide and I was happy to see   bacon was listed.  I decided to line the bottom of the oven with foil,  placed the 4 inch rack onto of the foil, cut open the pack of frozen bacon placing it on top of the rack and set the timer for three minutes. Three minutes of cooking time was just enough to be able to separate strips. I placed several back on the rack, placing the remainder aside until I could add them to cook in the next batch. As you can see in the photo, the bacon fat drips away from the bacon to the foil.

The added bonus is everyone gets their bacon cooked the way they prefer. Mine is always last as I like it crispy! It may help to record your cooking times on a notepad to refer to and share with family members.

Enjoy and don’t be afraid to experiment. I find my comfort zone is to start with a short timer and add additional time as the food cooks.

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