No Public Restrooms by Celeste Sheffey

I’ve enjoyed living in Boston since 1973. One of  it’s best qualities is when I need a break from all the madness, I head out and visit other places. My first trip out of the country was a superb ten day visit to my brother’s flat in London, UK.  I was amazed at all the many public restroom signs!!!  and stunned to see restroom attendants, flowers and  everything was clean.  Back then, in the early 90’s I believe  it cost about 25p which was worth not having to beg to find a ladies room. 

Boston, is very very slowly catching up by including the large public, round restrooms. I’ve spotted one in Dudley Station Roxbury and one in Government Center. The first time I saw one  was in San Francisco 2009. I haven’t tried them but it’s nice to know they are available to use.  Which brings me to why a food/eating establishment on such a main downtown Boston street as Tremont St. would tape such an unwelcoming sign in their window?  Does it mean no one can use the restroom or just folks that walk in off the street?  As a customer service provider myself, I would have worded the sign differently.

“Sorry, we do not have public restrooms, however the closest one is directly across the street at the Visitor Center.” 

This would service two adjectives, one it helps the possible customer locate a restroom and two they may even return as a paying customer because they were helped with their immediate need.  🙂

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