Franklin Park Zoo animal photo collage by Celeste Sheffey

First, let me say that I have very mixed feelings about zoos. Unlike aquariums where most of the inhibitants are in more natural surroundings, zoos house animals for our enjoyment because we’d probably never see them in the wild. That said, I’m thankful to be able to view these gorgeous, and amazing animals. My family and I have visited the Franklin Park Zoo off and on since the mid 80’s. When my children were little, you could visit the bird sanctuary for free coming in from the Seaver Street side of the zoo. I believe renovations of the Tropical Rain Forest were completed in 1989 which unfortunately transformed the free section of the zoo into part of the whole zoo.

This Christmas, 2011, in support of Franklin Park Zoo, I purchased a Family membership allowing my adult children to bring their children throughout the year and/or their friends. The added bonus for me as a photographer/videographer is that the membership is also a partial business expense- A win-win-win trifecta.

I’m looking forward to visiting The National Zoo – DC this April school vaction.

Enjoy a glimpse of these amazing animals in this colorful Franklin Park Zoo Animal Photo Collage.


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