Green, Brown and Blue Baby Shower Colors by Celeste Sheffey

One of my most enjoyable video assignments are taping baby showers.  Baby showers are colorful, fun, energetic and filled with laughter as family and friends get together to celebrate a new impending birth. The new mom to be for this particular baby shower loves the colors green, brown and blue which was reflected in the invitations, the decorations and even the thank you cards.  I was asked to videotape all the activities, capture photos, edit to DVD and create a beautiful online animated photo slideshow which I placed on a password protected webpage.    Clients have the option to have a private page or a public page and I’m happy to accommodate either selection. One of the activities that everyone was taking yarn and cutting it to the length the person thought would fit around the waist of the mom-to-be. I taped everyone doing this and saw one of the male guests use his own waistline to measure against. When it was time to announce the winner- guess who won! The man who used his waist and it was on video for everyone to view later on the DVD – lol.

I love my video jobs! I hope you enjoy these few colorful images and feel free to share or connect with on with your baby shower posts.

A. Celeste Sheffey HD Videographer, PhotoGraphic Artist
Tel: (617) 442-9912 | Mobile:
celeste@khoncepts |

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