Horseshoe Bay Beach – Bermuda by Celeste Sheffey

I absolutely love the ocean. I don’t swim, but I enjoy walking along the beach. I also have an extensive collection of seashells, rocks and beach sand from all my trips. My best friend and I decided to take a few days in December to visit Bermuda.  We chose the all-inclusive package at Grotto Bay which included city bus passes.   It was fun riding around the island getting on and off at beach sites. We would’ve  missed Horseshoe Bay if we hadn’t had a pamphlet. We reached the beach by walking a path to a grove of trees and following the sandy path. What a super surprise when we reached the beach.   We read the sign with warnings about the riptides and the man-of-war jelly however we were sightseeing for the day.  The entire beach was empty except for the two of us, the pink expanse of sand and aqua blue ocean. Wow!

A. Celeste Sheffey HD Videographer, PhotoGraphic Artist
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