Our Ghetto Fabulous Front Yard Apple Tree (Roxbury, MA)

According to the vast majority of folks in Massachusetts, living in Roxbury means, ghetto life, guns, drugs and prostitutes. Unfortunately like a great majority of cities across the nation we do have those things, however, we also have fabulous flower and vegetable gardens, hard working mothers,  fathers and residents, A+ students, people who smile and say hello, racoons, opposums  and sunshine.

Sunshine smiles down on Roxbury too  helping to grow vegetables in the gardens and a variety of fruit trees. We happen to have been blessed with an apple tree in our front yard. Here is a great link about the Roxbury Russett apple trees. We’ll be using our 20 foot apple picking pole once the apples at the top of the tree ripen a bit more. Hoping to share a few delicious apple recipes with photos soon.



















A. Celeste Sheffey Photo-Graphic / Video Artist
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