Palm Trees in Autumn

My first time seeing a palm tree was during a solo trip to Nassau Bahamas in the 1990.

 My children were young and my parents agreed that I could use a “Mommy needs some Me Time” so my wonderful Mother came to Boston to spend time with her grandchildren allowing me to jet off on my first ever solo vacation. It was a fantastic trip with a lot of firsts, I fell in love with the astonishing blue ocean, hundreds of sea shells just lying on the beach, lizards darting about, colorfully exotic flowers and tall leafy palm trees.

 More than 20 years later and I still love visiting the tropics and other locales with palms trees so imagine my happy surprise to see them planted in the Boston Public Garden. The Parks people do a great job of planting them, as they appear to naturally grow there rather than a fake display of transplanted trees.

I also enjoy our New England autumn season when the trees begin changing into wonderful oranges, golds, and russet colors. This photo happily combines and merges the tropics with our emerging New England Fall.

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