A Perfect Autumn Day Trip to Concord, New Hampshire

Three of my children and my daughter-in-law did a one day visit to Concord, New Hampshire on a crisp, sunny, clear blue skies October Saturday.

We started off in Steeplegate Mall and then headed into town. Luckily my family enjoys hanging out with me knowing I will be taking tons of photos,
reading placquards on historic buildings and simply walking along unfamiliar streets laughing and having a good time.

During our walk, I had the intention of purchasing a gold New Hampshire charm for my bracelet. Unfortunately, not one store on North Main Street sold them. Sad for me. 🙂
Next up was finding a restaurant with a menu that was interesting, affordable and would appeal to all of five of us. Luckily, while looking for a jewelery store,
we found O Steak and Seafood. While I’m not a food critic, I was pleasantly shocked to have gotten my cheeseburger cooked exactly right! I asked her to
“burn it”. My kids were like what?? and I told our waitress Michelle, I wanted it well, well done and lo and behold, my cheeseburger was tastily charred.
The most delicious burger I’ve ever had anywhere. None of us should have had dessert but it was a family day after all so we indulged and then walked around
downtown Concord, awhile longer telling ourselves we were working off some of the thousands of calories we all happily just finished eating.


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