Creating a new “Designer Bag” for

I just love my new designer handbag/laptop bag/iPad bag/business bag!

I’ve collected Fendi bags for years, however, I decided  it was time to actually brand my own business, Khoncepts  using as many tools as possible, in a fun yet understated way.

A few years ago I discovered which is the only company I’ve found so far that has quite a few unique items you can personalize with full-bleed color and no minimum orders. One morning I spotted an email special featuring handbags.  I quickly clicked to the site for more info on the bags and immediately knew it would be great to have my own Khoncepts bag. It took me a while to tweak my business logo to properly fit the dimensions of this large leather bag and jumped for joy when I was finally satisfied with the layout.

My colorful, multipurpose, photographic, portfolio bag is awesome.  It’s a great conversation piece. I especially love the looks on people faces when they ask for my business card. I reply that I do, however if they have a smartphone or iPad they can simply scan my QR codes. Another great conversational topic and I appear fabulously innovation in an artsy way.

As an extra added bonus, I also placed my Wedding Khoncepts business logo on the other side.  Now  if  the company Artscow uses to create the pocketbooks added a middle bag divider I would seriously be in heaven.


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