Isn’t this colorful design a “feast” for the eyes! My family and I have been serious Food-tographers for many years. Eatingmeals at each others homes or enjoying  new restaurant experiences, we’ve always taken photos of our food selections for our family albums. The internet has served to escalate the fun allowing us to quickly share our foodie photos online. Of course, me being me wanted to do a bit more than simply taking a photo and my iPad and graphic apps lets me do just that.  This is especially relaxing when I’m waiting between plane, train and bus connections.

The image below was originally a plate of delicious stirfried shrimp, broccolli, red peppers and rice from Rebecca’s Cafe in Boston. Using one of my kaleidoscope apps, I now have stunning mosiac creations. I can adjust the color, the design and, the flow essentially feeding my usual black and white color preferences into a fantasy land of unlimited artistic variations. The only drawbacks are stopping and figuring out how to name the 35 I’ve created just today.

For now, the first of the series will be titled “Shrimp, broccoli, rice and red peppers #1.

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