Christmas Memory Tree

A few years ago I inherited a gym bag full of my Aunt Katie’s jewelry. Pins, bracelets, watches, brooches, and hundreds of necklaces. Periodically I would go through the bag to sort them into the above mentioned groups. Earlier this month I placed newspaper on my work desk and poured the remaining items out determined to finish the sorting process. A few movies later I was done!

I had huge piles of glittering colorful jewelry. Several we’re very surprising finds like her 2PAC pin! I never knew she liked his music. I wonder what songs we had in common of his.

Now that I had completed phase one of my mission, separating all of the jewelry, the next step was what to do with it all. This morning, three weeks later it occurred to me to use the gold necklaces to decorate my Christmas tree which I did and I must say I really love how the tree looks minus the blue necklace which I’ll remove tonight. I have a surprise for the other pieces which I’ll share after Christmas.



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