Heavenly Hawaii – One of my top ten places favorite places.

Oahu, Hawaii is one of my top ten favorite places I’ve visited.  One of my maternal cousins was married at Turtle Bay Resort and I represented for my Mom who was unable to make the long flight.  This blog article was published back in 2010 and Oahu still remains on my favorites list.


My first series of travel and nature photographic greeting cards were a surprisingly huge success at art shows and Open Studio events, using a 35mm camera, actual color prints and applying them to card stock and supply the envelopes.

Now with the advent of online stores and marvelous software programs, anyone has the ability to bring their photography to a new level by manipulating images into colorful abstracts as shown below.  If one isn’t careful, you could literally spend hours experimenting with hundreds of different software photo effects until your computer says “low memory” like mind did today- ouch.

I find abstracts very appealing because they allow for a moment to dream and wonder versus viewing the very literal realism of photography. I’m attracted to and always create both realms, abstracts and photos, keeping my right brain (analytical) and left brain (creative) happily functioning together


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Abstract images of Photos taken during my first visit to Oahu, Hawaii
Photos taken during my first visit to Oahu Hawaii

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