Week 3 – Strawberries, Oranges and a Cinnamon Stick

Due to severe damage to my sciatic nerve  (while exercising!) I’ve been unable to perform my daily 2 mile walk. 😦

Faced with lots of food choices during the holidays and being unable to exercise, I decide to find a silver lining and totally revamped my eating habits. First, being in constant pain is a great binge eating deterrent and second, lack of sleep doesn’t help either, however I have found a ray of shine in all of this.  I’ve reduced the amount of sugar and salt in my foods and have taken up drinking lots of water. I’m not a fan of plain water and with all the fruits and veggies in my house it occurred to me to put them to good use.

Last week, my surprisingly favorite drink was chilled cucumber water with a cinnamon stick.

This week, I added ice cubes, frozen strawberries, two orange slices and a cinnamon stick to a jar of water which I will drink throughout the day. Three weeks ago I was an avid sweet tea drinker. Now I find that it’s way too sweet. The silver ray of sun during this whole process is I’ve dropped 18lbs!!! Just by reducing sugar in salt and drinking more water.

naturally flavored water drink
naturally flavored water drink

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