New business logo with color coordinated business products

During the last 4 months, I’ve been re-evaluating the various aspects of one of my businesses,, as it relates to how I envision my retirement plans.
This means  working maybe 20 hours a week rather than my current 60-80 hours a week. Downsizing from 4 computers to an iPad and only one computer, selling my
one of my scanners along with tons of extra video equipment. I’m excited to think of relaxing, continuing to travel when I want and hanging out with my adult children and my grandchildren.

Downsizing from the way my current business is set-up, wearing 8 multiple hats to wearing just two hats will be absolutely amazing. In anticipation, I realized it also means
my business card requires a major overhaul.I tried several versions using my favorite photos but they were all lacking something so I contacted my brother via Facebook to see if he had any ideas.

My brother lives across the Pond so we communicate mostly via Facebook. He came up with an amazing logo happily making my three minor requested changes.
Once is was done, I unveiled it on my personal Facebook page. I was an immediate hit. One of my cousins wrote on my wall ” I absolutely love it. Stylish, sleek, classy, and trendy. Move away from the past and walk into the future.”
So that is what I am doing, moving boldly into the future. I’ve already designed my business cards, a luggage tag and this great iPad sleeve.

Now that I have the new logo, it will take quite a while to transition it into my various social medias and websites. The fun!

Luggage tag
new business logo, new business luggage tag

The front of the iPad case shows the new logo. This image is the back of the case where I also included my contact information.

Khoncepts new iPad sleeve case

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