Where were you when you heard about The Boston Marathon?

My teen son and I live in Boston, MA and have spent several April school vacations visiting my parents and relatives. Since my beloved Mom passed, we now visit my Dad in his new assisted living residence in Lanham, MD.

We chose Monday, April 15th to take the bus and train into DC to visit The National aquarium. This date was also Boston’s Patriot’s Day / Boston Marathon’s Day.

We took the train to The Federal Triangle Stop which also featured an underground Food Court. The major part of our vacations is feeding an always hungry 16yr old boy. After feeding him we a nice visit at the aquarium taking photos of Lion Fish, exotic frogs and watching them feed the hungry crocodiles.

We managed to make it to The Monument where I collapsed and sat down to rest my leg. My son took this picture of me. Afterward, I wanted to try and walk to The Mall and take our annual photos of my son with The Monument in the background. Once I got up, all hell broke loose. I started getting text messages of which I had no idea what they were talking about. Then my brother on the West Coast called to ask me about my eldest son as he works right off Boylston Street. Again, I had no idea what he was talking about.

Once he began explaining, I had to sit down again to take it all. As he was talking, my son called to tell me he was alright. He talked for about half an hour telling me how he was out during his lunch, taking in the sights while on the phone with his wife and was close to the finish line but it was so crowded that he decided to head back to work by walking down the alley by The Lenox hotel. A minute later he said he heard a loud boom and everything went quiet. he said no one where he was knew what it was, they thought it was perhaps part of the festivities but that was quickly dispelled when the second huge boom was heard.

At that point he was out of the alley and there was large plumes of smoke, people were yelling and heading in all directions. He said he quickly headed to work to tell his co-workers that two bombs had gone off on Boylston Street but the building was about to be on lock down. He had a hard time getting people to,listen until one of them pulled it up on the news.

By then, Logan airport was closed as was the MBTA and cellphones were apparently down for a short time. All I could do was listen to him talk as I was just stunned. I’m still in Maryland trying to wrap my brain around what I will be coming home to.

My Facebook page was filled with family reaching out to the Boston branch.

My eldest daughter works in at Faulkner hospital and she said the staff did a super job assisting all the injuries sent their way.

All I can say i will pray for the families that lost their loved ones,the injured, as well as everywhere that people live with this on a daily basis. We must continue to be watchful of all unattended packages and suspicious activities.

What we can do to help. http://www.boston.com/news/source/2013/04/boston_marathon.html



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