Lionfish at the DC National Aquarium

My son and I had bus tickets we needed to use before they expired so we traveled from Boston, MA to Maryland for his April school vacation visiting my Dad and relatives. We much prefer traveling by car,  Amtrak or plane, however in this case,  having bus tickets was quite prophetic, as it turns out, due to the explosions that happened during the Boston Marathon on that fateful Monday, April 15, 2013.

We chose, Monday, April 15th to travel into DC to visit the National Aquarium. We had our smart cards ready and boarded the G14 bus heading to the Greenbelt Station.
Once there we add money to our cards to board the train into town getting off at The Federal Triangle stop. Unlike Boston which has a flat all day rate, DC has  peak and off-peak rates. Wow.

My son, being perpetually hungry needed to be fed so we figured it would be an easy matter to go the Food Court and grab a bite to eat. Not so fast. The Food Court is inside a federal building which meant placing our bags on the conveyor belt, me showing an ID and then going through the metal detector. Thankfully, they had a good selection of food for the non-meat eater including a Sushi eatery which also sold Tempura.

Once my motherly duty was done, we headed outside and across the street to the Aquarium.  My family and I love trying to visit the different Aquariums and no disrespect to DC but it is about the smallest facility we have visited so far. However, my son and I had a good time, he used my Nikon and I used my iPad. An added bonus was there were plenty of seats throughout the one level facility for someone like me who is using a crutch at the moment. The Aquarium also featured several unique and rare amphibians.

This photo is a Lionfish.  I found additional info via the National Geographic website:

visiting the DC National Aquarium
visiting the DC National Aquarium

2 thoughts on “Lionfish at the DC National Aquarium

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