Baby shower gift with matching gift card

Family members and I recently went to Virginia for the weekend to attend a grandson and his wife’s baby shower.
I decided that it would be fun to return to doing something I used to love to do before I started my videotaping/photography business.
Sewing! Years ago, when my now grown children were little, I made their clothes and all their blankets. Since I was in between video
jobs, I went to the fabric store and found a cute design and went to work on re-creating my own special design “the Snuggle Bug Rug”.
It’s a baby blanket that is sewn on 2 1/2 sides. Babies are placed inside the snuggly blanket and then they can be nicely strapped
into their carriage. No more kicking the blanket off, or having it drag on the ground or getting dirty and stuck in the wheels.

“The Snuggle Bug Rug” can also be used in a baby carrier. Simply take each end of the blanket and place it into the legs of the
carrier and then slip the baby inside. Their legs are now toasty warm and fully covered. I admit, my pet peeve is seeing warmly
dressed adults but the babies legs and heads are fully exposed to the elements. I spotted a mother one snowy morning with a hat
and told her that her baby must have lost his hat because his head was getting wet from the snow. She said “what hat” and I
said “exactly, the baby has no hat but yet you do.” I’m a rebel that way but I digress.

I took a photo of the finished the blanket, and after a few tries got the text “Baby Shower” just right so when the paper was folded it
showed properly. then took a paper hole puncher, punched in one hole and tied a ribbon through the hole and tied it to the blanket.


Baby shower gift ideas
Baby shower gift

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