A Visual Photo Diary App

I love trying out new photographic apps on my iPad. I find them by reading hundreds of photography news alerts and blogs each month. Recently I stumbled upon Photojojo and love the iPad accessories so I decided to sign up for their newsletters. One of their articles suggested using this free visual photo diary app.

After reading the reviews of the Days – Your Visual Photo and GIF Diary By Wander several times, I decided the app would fit in nicely with my photography style and view of  sharing images online. Mainly, the images can not be filtered prior to loading which is wonderful. The image is exactly how you see it. The trick is to remember is, when taking the photo, that the automatic time stamp is placed in the middle of the image ,however it’s very simple to delete and reshoot. Also, people can enjoy the images but they can’t be used for anything other than viewing and sharing.

I was looking forward to performing a test run using my iPad while walking home from the bus station. I like the simple layout of the app. Note, in order for the photos to show vertically, hold the iPad horizontally. Photos are taken using the camera in the app. Your images are saved to your camera roll, however only the images taken via the camera app will show in the diary. This may not appeal to folks that like to apply filters and effects toall of their images before posting. I, however, find this a refreshing change. Just snap the image ,add a comment if you like and that’s it.

The photo app is designed for  images to be posted after 5:00 am the next day. Each new day begins at 5:01 am.

This screen shot is my first test of the app. Click here to open up to view my first day using a visual diary. You can also create animate GIFs using your photos. You can read about that on their website.  I’m really looking forward to using this on my next vacation and sharing it with my Twitter and Facebook friends. It can also be emailed to people that are not on the Twitter or Facebook – what??? Lol 🙂

a new visual photo diary app
a new visual photo diary app

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