Red, black and white all over

Designing products for home and office is amazingly fullfilling. I’m eagerly awaiting delivery of this stunning new red, black and white striped lamp from my zazzle store, arriving any day now.

Imagine an office with one fire engine red wall, beautifully accented with this bold, tricolor lampshade. Quite often designing and ordering my products ensures they are well made and of true color.

Follow up photosto come. In the meantime, what color lampshade would look great in your home or office!



2 thoughts on “Red, black and white all over

  1. When it comes to interior design, selecting a general color scheme is one of the first decisions you’ll need to make. If you have a flair for the dramatic, a white, black and red color scheme offers a bold palette with a retro-inspired aesthetic. White, black and red color schemes evoke memories of mid-century designs, but the addition of a few contemporary elements brings the scheme into the modern era. From paint colors to home accessories, incorporating your color scheme into your area’s every design element creates a cohesive interior aesthetic.


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