Bobby Pins to the rescue

I feel like such a genius right now!  Recently I decided that 2013 would be my final year of videotaping events. Due to three herniated discs,
sciatic nerve damage and turning 60 on the horizon, it was time to put up the video equipment. It’s scary and exciting, getting ready to devote
all of my creative energies into the PhotoGraphic arts side of my business. My new business plans came at about the same time that my granddaughter decided
to move out of the basement space to a friend’s place. Her choice to move freed up room for me to relocate my front room office to the newly painted and redone downstairs.
Many months later, I still had to relocate one of my huge, two door, five shelf, black metal cabinet to the new studio.

The black metal cabinet weighs a ton. After lots of discussion and only my 17 year old son and my youngest brother to move this piece, we decided
to remove the shelves, carefully keeping all of the shelving pins together. Did I mention it was a big heavy cabinet! My brother then came up
with the brilliant suggestion of removing the doors by taking out the hinge pins. Ok, once that was done the cabinet was quite light and they were able
to carry it out the front around to the back, setting it up in it’s spot in the new basement studio.

So, do you remember I mentioned we carefully kept all the pins and hinges together? Apparently, two door hinges decided to hide. Faced with
the dilemma of missing two door hinges, I saw two options, one door on, one off or no doors at all. Neither appealed to me so rather than getting annoyed
or upset I stopped, sat down quietly and pondered it a bit before voilà, coming up with the idea of trying a large bobby pin which slid in perfectly.

At some point I will touch them up with permanent magic marker but for now I want to easily show how well they worked.

I have two cabinet doors hanging properly and nicely closed.

DIY in action. See my happy face.

I feel like such a genius right now
using what was available for a home repair

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