I was stunned to see I have a 1978 Copley Water Fountain Photo in my albums!

old water fountain in Copley Square, Boston MA.
old water fountain in Copley Square, Boston MA.

Usually I scan photos for clients, however this time, I’ve set aside six weeks to scan at least 15 old photo albums before the albums totally disintegrated and the photos turned into black mold. I even scanned the front of the albums as I’m sure my eldest child vividly remembers them. The scanned covers will also be the front covers for the online books I will create.

As I’m scanning album 10, year 1978, I was stunned to see my then three year old daughter standing in front of a huge water fountain in the middle of Copley Square, Boston. I have absolutely no recollection of a fountain in this location, however where the fountain was originally located is now a large decorative square of bricks. On my next excursion into Boston, I will be sure stop by to see if there is any wording stating about the fountain formerly in that location.

I’ve searched online for other photos or information on this fountain without any luck. I’d be very appreciative if anyone can point me in the direction of information regarding this fountain. I believe the current fountain was built in 1987?

I can hardly wait to see what other golden nuggets may pop up in the remaining 15 albums at my latest count.




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