17 years and now I can!

17 years ago I purchased a gorgeous and very expensive purple and black floral umbrella. One day at work one of the very senior staff people at my job needed to borrow my umbrella to attend a meeting outside of the office and basically insisted that she use mine. Needless to say, she returned with my broken umbrella and a large white and blue striped golf umbrella which I promptly placed in the coatroom never to be used.

Since then,  I’ve toyed and then researched how to be able to design and sell beautiful umbrellas using my own full bleed artwork.  Imagine my joy, the other day while on Pinterest, I spotted an umbrella design for sale. Clicking through to their website placed me front and center onto www.cowcow.com.

17 years and yes! I am now creating for distribution, eclectically colorful, full bleed art designs on multiple style umbrellas. Payments, manufacturing and shipping are all done by them. They have over 10 years of experience in this market, their team of more than 150 employees operating in departments ranging from Marketing to Programming, Customer Service to Production, ensures they have adequate resources to support the needs of both me and my customers.

This is my fourth online store It’s brand new, less than a five days old 🙂  and my intention is to post designs each week in all four.

I’d love to hear what are your favorite colors and create something for you, your family or your co-workers.

Umbrellas designed by Celeste Sheffey
Colorfully eclectic umbrella designs.

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