Black, white and red elliptical design

Yes, I do. I really do. Not only do I design colorfully gorgeous products, I buy them too.
Creating trendy gifts is only part of the equation. It’s also very important that I know my customers
enjoy a great buying experience. My first floor level is entirely black, white. After trying to find curtains online for my windows, I took the artistic high road and came up with this funtastic black, white and red elliptical shower curtain print design.

I immediately ordered two curtains to use on my double windows, yes, I know, I know, they’re fabric shower curtains however, they going to be used in my kitchen. The easy care material allows for machine wash and dry maintenance. Imagine your college student and think… dorm room.   🙂

My only concern was that they were packed in tissue paper inside a cardboard box which is ecologically sound. Thankfully the box was delivered dry and intact.

Can we say super happy! The colors were exactly right and the curtains were well made. “Conversational art” at it’s best. My 17 year old son, favorably commented on the design, the way I used the curtains and the fact that his Mom was so creative. LOL

Next, matching cloth dinner napkins to come.

What’s your situation? Is there a room that needs a special touch? Or is there a highly unique gift you are searching for?

I will be pleased to help you decide on the item and the colors using my contact form.

Shower curtains or window curtains
Gorgeous black, white and red graphic design shower curtains.

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