Detox – Day one

My really pretty digital bathroom scale has found a home in my daughter’s new apartment. Having a scale was a giant fail for me. I was not winning mentally and therefore when she asked I was happy to say yes!!! Each time the scale would show a decrease in numbers my brain gave me permission to indulge a bit. As mentioned earlier, a giant mental fail.

This body and I have been together for almost 60 years. We’ve had a mostly successful co-adventure with only a few missteps requiring periodic use of crutches and one six months stint of total bed rest due to my last pregnancy. So when it starts talking to me, I know how to take stop and listen. Right now the conversation is ‘Hawaii is six months away, it’s time to start today’. Which brings me to trying out this organic detox tea “supporting healthy liver and kidney function”. I’m not advocating this brand of tea, but I was able to include it in my online Peapod order food delivery order. It looks loaded with all types of great organic herbs including ginger root and Dandelion root.

Today is Day one and I’m happy to say it actually tastes pretty good using only one tiny spoonful of organic sugar. If nothing else, having a nice cup of hot organic tea on a lovely Saturday morning, at home of course :-), is giving us a break from our usual coffee, sugar and half and half cream. As the box states be sure to check with your doctor before trying anything herbal.

Day one and done. Checking back in next month.

detox tea with herbs
Detox Tea




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