Stock Photography Fail #1

Due to medical challenges,  retiring from wedding videography and editing was necessary and anticipated with joy and trepidation.  Joy, because I’m now able to fully focus on my  re-branding efforts of returning  to scenic photography. Having an additional 2300 hours per year to capitalize on creating and marketing photographic art on two of my stores, Zazzle and Cafe Press will hopefully bring what have been moderately successful efforts over the years to a very profitable replacement income.  Trepidation because, I’ve been reading about how to become a stock photographer since 2010 and finally took the plunge, signing up for an annual membership on the how to’s of breaking into stock photography.

My first attempts last year were met with success with 8 out of 12 photos accepted. Then later in the  year, the company revamped their site and their policies, declining all 8 photos including this one of the curious squirrel about to climb into my handbag.

Sharing stock photography fail #1 is my way of releasing the negative energy associated with it being declined due to “creative” design. My membership suggestion is to possibly submit it with a short article to the local newspaper or as fine art , an editorial image or even selling it on my websites.

Here’s to finding a positive outcome!


photo declined for stock photography
Venturing into the stock photography field

Anyone looking for a photo of an inquisitive squirrel? Contact me!


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