My challenges with travel photography and article writing

Recently, I happily agreed to accompany my 82 year old Dad on a family cruise. We had already this cruise in  August 2011, as  10 of us celebrated my son’s wedding/honeymoon, however, due to many factors, cruising out of Baltimore is his best travel option, just a car ride to Baltimore and boarding the ship. So cruising we shall go. The new 2015 itinerary has one exciting change! they replaced a stop in the Dominican Republic a day trip to St. Martin. Another of my favorite islands.

As I’m reviewing my travel folder for the August 2011th cruise, I realized, the photos from St. Thomas were sitting there idle waiting for me to create them into something special.  Telling stories with photography. Thousands of colorful, scenic images in my computer travel files waiting to see the light of day.

The challenges with travel photography have been to be able to accurately document the travel locations, take memorable pictures, remember where my notes about the excursions weeks or even years later and still be able to enjoy the trips in the moment.

Imagine my pleasant surprise as I selected these nine photos (taken with my Nikon ) from my external hard drive, emailed them to myself and downloaded them on my iPad to work on. When I found them on my iPad, they were listed by the date, year AND location information!!  Happy day! I had no idea I was even on a Hull Road 🙂  nor did I know the cruise port shopping center was called Havensight.

Seeing the photo locations listed is like finding keyword gold. Having accurate keywords is very important when creating travel postcards and scenic posters for search engine purposes.  Now, it’s fantastic to know,  I will have a back-up method of documenting the location of the photos  incorporating what I ‘m learning by writing short travel stories to complement the photos.

Location information listed on iPad photos
Helpful data information on iPad photos

For now,  clients enjoy my very popular  travel photo collages. Including the brand new St. Thomas photo collage postcard


colorful photo collage of St. Martin by
colorful photo collage of St. Martin by



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