Abstract commercial art

Rejected,rejected, rejected ACCEPTED! Perseverance or craziness, I wasn’t sure which category I fit but creating abstract photo-graphic art has been a mini passion for several years. Appealing to buyers using print on demand sites has been an exciting challenge, yet I knew I should try taking it to the next level.

Incorporating abstract commercial art print on demand products with companies such as: Zazzle, Cafe Press, Print all over me, Society6  with stock photography seemed like a nice natural progression. The challenge was taking taking that first step of signing up with stock photo agencies and getting the applications approved.  Being accepted by a few agencies and celebration when my first image was uploaded and accepted for commercial art was joyous.

Several “rejected” images later one after the other with various agencies, I was ecstatic to have my “Colorful Confetti Paint” accepted by one agent and posted to available on Alamy.com

Marching to my own tune throughout my life has toughen me up somewhat which comes in handy for times when those commercial art submissions ultimately get “rejected”.


Colorful graphic art
Colorful Confetti Paint by khoncepts

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