The Feel Good Blogging Challenge

Greetings! Living two lives, having two distinct styles while still being in harmony takes a bit of skill.
The first part of my life I was known as Aundrea. For whatever reason, folks in Massachusetts refused to pronounce my name the way I would say it. Aundrea, instead people automatically defaulted and would discuss why they couldn’t call me Andrea. What??? So, I took the low road and started using my middle name, Celeste rather than argue about my own name each time. Wowsers. Fast forward to having children. My children all know me as Celeste, until I go South and then they hear me being called Aundrea. Fun right. 🙂 Reunions are always a laugh. I prefer Aundrea but Mom and GrandMom work well too.

Blogging is another platform that allows me to be either Aundrea or Celeste. Aundrea is the artist, laid back creating graphic designs all day on the computer while watching TV. No interactions, no client coaching, just me and my beautiful products such as the newest Brown, white and black spiral mandala #2778. Celeste is the business persona, doing the market research, the website work, the promotions including finding her voice by subtly blogging about new products and participating in a “feel good blogging challenge”.

to be honest, my target blogging audience is still a mystery to me. Online research states to find a “niche” and focus on it. Currently, my audience of subscribed readers have indulged me as I retired from the videotaping industry last December to re-branding as a…wait for it….conversational wearable art and home decor designer.

Currently, products are added to more than five store. My strategy is now to cross-promote all new designs within each store that has the same design. For instance, a potential client liked this toothbrush set and she asked for other items to match it. Luckily, I had another store for her to explore. However, neither store has the link to the other. Yet.

My main take away message today is that, almost everyone to that knows me knows, I absolutely love what I do. I design, I create, I sometimes even loudly clap when something pops but I. do. not. work.


Brown, white and black spiral mandala #2778.
Brown, white and black spiral mandala #2778.

Brown, white and black spiral mandala #2778 coffee mug


2 thoughts on “The Feel Good Blogging Challenge

  1. I absolutely love this blog and your whole persona in general. I especially appreciate the last line, “” It completely describes you! I once heard it said, “Do something you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life!”


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