Blog Challenge #2: A Passionate Post

Day two of Alex Beadon’s  Blog Challenge #2: A Passionate Post about why I do what I do.

Let’s flashback to high school where it was required to take HomeEc.  Yes, cooking and sewing. It turns out, I loved the tailored sewing class. My project was a black, lined suit jacket complete with lapels, pockets, lining and buttons. That jacket was my favorite, lasting me many years of wear.  The main reason I loved sewing was the ability to now make clothes that no one else would have, that fit me perfectly and was affordable. A trifecta! I even had a girl break into my house on the navy base and the only things that were stolen were some of my outfits and my material. Say what…..The military police (MP) couldn’t get over it.

Skipping ahead a  few years to my first baby. I was so excited to have my first, healthy baby girl. Once she was around 6 months, I made all her little dresses, bibs and baby blankets. Remember, this was in the 70’s before the internet, home computers, cell phones etc. All shopping had to be done in the store and if you made things to sell you attended fairs, church bazaars and flea markets. I did really well at these events, however, I am positively in awe and continue to be thrilled to have clients worldwide. Instead of sewing, I spend hours and hours creating graphic designs on fabrics, dresses, purses, jewelry and so much more that I sell in my various online stores . The eclectic pink and brown image below is one of my first attempts at pulling together my fashions with possible accessories using Polyvore as a template to showcase them.

Due to severe pain issues, I had to transition from 16 years of running a prosperous wedding videotaping business to happily re-branding myself, as successfully, in my new online fashion and gift products designing career. Whew, now that I’ve written this blog post challenge #2, it’s back to the drawing board for at least another hour.



Blog Challenge #2: A Passionate Post
Blog Challenge #2: A Passionate Post



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