Blog Challenge #4: A Personal Post

Alex Beadon’s Blog Challenge #4: A Personal Post

Sharing 10 things about me that some of my children may not know about me. Say what!!   🙂

1. As a little girl, I remember the original 1968 “Night of the Living Dead” movie and have watched zombie movies ever since up to and including ZNation!

2. I’m still shocked my parents used to allow us watch “Chiller” and “The Outer Limits”   lol Right now I’m watching “Dark Skies” and have been jumping throughout the show. Haha

3. I’m a Navy Brat

4. I’ve recently re-connected with my New Jersey childhood friend and his sister, on Facebook (1965). They are my two oldest friends. My third oldest friend I met in 1969 and he is on Facebook as well.

5.  Facebook provided the means for me to organize our first family reunion on my Dad’s side. The reunion was held at my cousin’s large home in  Maryland . Dad had three brothers and we had never met our 1st cousins children nor their children,  until 2009. We had a fabulous event with over 40 members from different states representing each of the four brothers.

6. 90% of my home is black, white and red yet my logo is pink and black. ??

7. I love the idea of being retired and returning to live in Oahu from November until June. Swapping out snow and blizzards for sand and balmy breezes.

8. My other travel desire is choosing a city in different country and renting a nice home for 30 days once a  year. Totally immersing myself  and my family in their culture for a month and getting in lots of stock photography images.

9. For the past few Christmas’ my oldest son and his wife have treated all of us (brother, sisters, nieces and nephew) to the movies on Christmas Day.  An entire row of rowdy family members.

10. My family and I love hanging out with each other. How wonderful for me, as a Mom and GrandMom.

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