Blog Challenge #5: A Helpful Post

Today’s Alex Beadon’s Blog Challenge#5 is to create a helpful post for my readers and after shredding 4 containers of old files I thought it timely to write this particular helpful post.

I incorporated photo scanning into my business to assist my clients with preserving their families precious memories, including children’s artwork, holiday cards, birthday cards, school report cards and bereavement cards. My helpful tip is to not wait until you have years of papers to scan like I originally did. Although in my defense we were not in the digital era.  🙂

Now we have it easy. When I first started saving school papers and photos, I opened a free account because I could easily save the images in specific albums.  I’ve created beautiful keepsake memory books from their easy to use templates. Choices today however also include: The Cloud, Dropbox, Box and more. Currently I store items on  small, 3TB external hard drive, as well as,

Sometimes, it was really hard to scan and toss away their art so I did the next best thing, I scanned all four of my children’s school / artwork,  placed them in a large individual folders and presented it to them letting them know I also saved them in digital format.

If you don’t have a scanner and aren’t able to afford to have someone scan them, most cell phones have really decent cameras. My suggestion would be to take a snapshot using your phone and upload it to your current cloud-based photo storage library. I’ve scanned every birthday card, holiday card and even my dear Mom’s bereavement cards including  family Memorial Programs.

To summarize:

Choose the type of project to start with, either: school work, artwork or cards

  1.  If scanning to an external hard drive – create and name a specific folder for just those images so you can find them quickly and easily
  2. You can also purchase small, easy to carry,  inexpensive flash drives and present it to the person as a gift and possibly include the actual items that were scanned
  3. Set aside time dedicated time to digitizing the images
  4. Remember it’s suppose to be fun and keep in mind the benefits of scanning them because you will then be able to “release them” from your home.  🙂
  5. Once everything is digitized images can be used to create all sorts of thoughtful gifts such as calendars, coffee mugs and more.

If you have years worth of containers of papers and the thought of scanning them brings a tear to your eye, there may be companies in your area that will be happy to quote you a price to do the work for you. If you are in the Boston area, you can contact me.

Enjoy and Happy upcoming Holidays!!

Christmas Star made by my then 6 year old son.
Christmas Star made by my then 6 year old son.
Mother's Day Artwork
Mother’s Day Artwork



5 thoughts on “Blog Challenge #5: A Helpful Post

  1. What a great idea! I’ve thought of scanning memorabilia, but not using Shutterfly. I’ll have to keep this in mind when I have children of my own. Thanks for sharing such an easy, fantastic option! 🙂


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