My Mom Loved the Holidays

Mom loved the holidays, especially Christmas. She enjoyed the shopping, cooking a fabulous meal, decorating our home, buying and addressing Christmas cards and even wrapping the gifts. When I became a Mom, my parents would make the 90 minute drive to Boston, loaded with a huge Santa bag of gifts for their grandchildren and as the years past, their great grandchildren. Mom also loved to see what type of holiday card design I would dream up each year. That’s not to say Dad wasn’t involved, but Mom was my biggest cheerleader. It’s been exactly 48 months since her Home Going and I still sometimes go to call her about my day. Mom was nothing if unpredictable so I wonder which, of these nine Christmas holiday designs, she would have loved the best this year?

Beautiful red and white Christmas ornaments
Christmas Ornament Home Decor Designs

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A photo posted by Khoncepts (@celestesheffey) on Nov 11, 2014 at 4:17am PST

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